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i am an earth pony with a love of great stories and tales, i hope to see here.

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key needs your help. · 4:30pm May 29th, 2015

here is some videos regarding keyframe she needs help getting away from her abusive parents, her mother is a massive alcoholic and her father wont do a darn thing. please if you look into these vids, you'll find a link in the descriptions a link to a donation pool, that will help her get away from this nightmare. please please please. help this amazing woman from this hell. she really needs your help community, to many people are unable to get help from others, and sometimes it ends in death, i

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Well then, let me know when you get to the end currently so I know to put out the next chapter.

thank you for the comment. I like talking to others too. but the only reason your story is in the not read yet bookshelf. is because of the chapters I have not read. so until I read the whole story, it will end up staying there till then.

Hi there! Finally another Earth Pony!
Anyway, how are you doing?
Thank you for the bookshelf of Dead Tree! Please drop an upvote if you enjoy it and a downvote if I did something terrible. Leave comments; I like talking to ponies.
And what does it take to get moved from the Not Read Yet list?

2008630 your welcome rumble. :pinkiehappy:

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