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Discord has been defeated, and Twilight and her friends are eager to get back into the swing of everyday life. Shortly after the end of the victory ceremony in Canterlot, Celestia asks a favour of Twilight, to put Discord back where he belongs, and the ever-faithful student accepts.

By noon of the next day, however, Twilight has both a startling revelation, and a terrible new secret to keep. Otherwise, the last thing she sees may in fact be the statue garden.

Edited and test-read by DreamVirusOmega (aka PoisonClaw) and Nonagon
Heavily inspired by and adapted from Garden Party: Petrified by PumpkinHipHop
Cover art used with permission by DocWario

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 289 )

Now, this looks like an interesting take on the idea!

Interesting, do go on.

Thank-you, kindly. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I will. :trollestia:

Yeesh. Yikes, Twilight. Next time you ask a question, first decide whether you really want the answer.

Interesting... morbid and interesting... makes one wonder what those ponies did to get locked in stone

Yeah, that comic is really creepy.:pinkiecrazy:

This could get bad very quickly...let us see!


It was fairly well written, but I couldn't help but feel the extensive explanations of situations were there not to advance the plot, but for the sake of drawing the writing out. For the most part, I simply felt like this:

Sorry, couldn't resist. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, I was left thoroughly disappointed by the ending, for after all of that padding I was only rewarded with a scene ripped straight out of a comic I just read, and a video adaptation of said comic. I supose I should have read the adapted material after I read the story, eh?

Nevertheless, it was a decent enough read, and I'll be sure to stick around for future installments (providing you intentionally left the incomplete box checked).

EDIT: Congrats on the feature!

Oh, don't be sorry. I had a good laugh at that! :rainbowlaugh:

Your complaints are valid too. Really the descriptiveness stemmed from my desire to not make the whole scenario seem rushed. It had to play out naturally. I'll admit my taken time was rendered somewhat moot by my inclusion of the linked sources, but the credit to others for this thing comes first.

And yes, there will be more. After this part, I go completely off on my own for the story. Granted, that's going to take me longer to write, given I'm working entirely off my own twisted psyche, but whatever.

EDIT: Thanks! :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be good

I saw one of the clips afterwards, from Monty Python, 'Biggus Dickus'. I couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably, sometimes even laughing out loud. God, it was hilarious.

DAT PICTURE. MY ATTENTION GET. I shall read this at some point.

This :trollestia: is :trollestia: pure :trollestia: EVIL! :trollestia:
Time :trollestia: for :trollestia: some :trollestia: major :trollestia: DISCOLIGHT! :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

...It can't be...

May I use the spell for a fanfiction I will make in the future?

At least Twilight has some experience =X


that last line makes me think Twilight has lost her mind

You went there too, huh?
Totally worth it.

It's not really my place to decide. You would likely have to PM PumpkinHipHop, the author of the comic this fic is based off of, over on DeviantART.

That being said, I really don't forsee any difficulty in just going ahead and using the idea (I'm certainly cool with it), and checking the DA description for the comic shows PumpkinHipHop is seemingly fine with people taking ideas from the story, so you're likely good to go. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ThatQuietGuy deleted Dec 15th, 2012

I was truly disappointed. The story was great! But the art-work gave it away too early. The only aspect that caught me off-guard was the reverse-cockatrice-to-stone spell, but I'd assumed that she'd be a little eager to 'check' other statues.

Get different - less relieving - artwork, and add the current at the bottom of the story. I think that'd be better.


You make a good point. I may just do that. :derpytongue2:

Really this story is going to be continuing long past the first chapter's revelation, so I guess that's why I didn't have much hesitation using the cover image I did. :twilightsheepish:

Ah, another "I don't turn ponies into stone" fanfic. It's been awhile since I've seen one of these.

I just hope this doesn't lead to Tyrantlestia or Discord being released. I hate Tyrantlestia, especially when there isn't an [AU] tag. As for Discord, why would you trust him over Celestia? Here's to hoping my fears are unfounded.

Two words:



On the nose. I link to that specific comic in the expanded story description. Though I will be continuing past the established story there.

From last line and last panel of the comic, why does Twi suddenly derp and laugh?
Tyrantlestia, isn't it? :duck:

Of course there could be an explanation for this...

...But that still wouldn't explain how these ponies were petrified in such convenient poses.

It's because this is so world shattering for her that she looses her mind and can only find escape by imagining the situation to be funny rather than terrifying. A lot of people do this when confronted with something of this magnitude.

1802229 This is grimdark material.

now she will free Discord again and form an alliance to defeat the solar tyrant, VIVA LA CHAOSLUTION!

I'm with you 120% on this. It's a really cool topic that I love reading, but so often ends up turning Celestia into some crazy villain or Discord as a hero or some such. Much better to tell the stories of the stoned ponies, or even let 'em out and deal with the culture shock.

Kind of loses its punch if you've already seen the webcomic.

o_o I want to know what happens next and is scared about that future at the same time.

Always loved that comic. I'm very interested to see your take on what comes next.

Oh come on, Celestia doesn't have to be 'evil.'
She just has to be a dick.:pinkiecrazy:
But, seriously, they could be traitors, terrorists, or mass murderers...granted that's probably not going to help Twi stay sane at this point. One has to wonder if 'modeling herself after Celestia,' means that the Element of Magic is going to pick up a new 'hobby.' I can just see it now! Flim & Flam topiary! The Great and Powerful Statuary! Gilda the Granite Decoration! I wonder if the Cutie Mark Crusaders could get their Cutie Marks as Bird Perches?:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel:

Please go on!


Personally, I don't like 'Celestia is evil' fics. They annoy me. It's a nice concept and all though.
However, i think that perhaps 'stylistic overkill' maybe a fairly valid description for this fic. I'm all for lots of description, but this kind of sentence is just too much:
"Twilight's true issues with a panicked populace came about whilst she walked Canterlot's main street, now possessing a level of activity which would be unprecedented in comparison to last night."
I know that people (in my case, teachers) tell you to use adjectives and alliteration and other literary devices in stories, but too many just makes it, for want of a better word, slightly pretentious. I found it a teensy bit annoying to read.
Meh, I'm maybe being a bit nitpicky, but it's a good story so keep it up.

It was just a spooky comic that freaked me out with freaky faces, now it's a freaky fanfic.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Twilight Gets Stoned
That was way too easy.

Relatively well written, though very slow moving. The balance of not rushing and not boring people is extremely difficult to get right, though, so I won't hold that against you. Keep working at it, I think it has a lot of potential. :pinkiesmile:

1801744 Thanks, just wanted to be sure. I don't want any ragers.:pinkiehappy:

That is the most terrifying fate ever. Being stuck in stone forever? Geez...

Anyway. I like the story! I can't imagine what Discord must be thinking of Twi as she goes insane. Or what the other statues/ponies are thinking of this. I wonder what they did to deserve that.

Well it was astounding, I like it

Whoa! I think this is the first time I read about a dark Celestia story of this sort. I'm in!:rainbowderp::moustache:

Well. You have my attention. I will say, however, that I'll be a little disappointed if there's no backstory for the other statues. I'd really love to know what Knowledge got stoned for...

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