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A group for stories involving characters getting turned into, recovering from or otherwise being one of those pretty, pretty, totally-wasn't-at-one-point-alive-and-might-still-be exquisitely detailed statues in the Canterlot Royal Gardern.*

*Or elsewhere, location not exclusive

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Hmmm i forgot about this group. Should i like the 2 sequels to Stories in stone in here, ore perhaps the side stories. Unfortunately most of them have moved from the original premise.hmmmm

As in, the story is about the thing the statue represents? It wasn't my intention, but I don't see why not. I created the group because the idea of being frozen in time is pretty darn nifty, and I couldn't find a centralized place for the genre. There are one or two I didn't add to the group because of spoilers, though.

So, just to be clear: the statue doesn't need to be of a turned-to-stone creature?

Well this is an interesting idea for a group. Time to join!

I need SOMETHING to do while I'm filling out all the red tape at work!


Heh, found a few others I see Pilate.

Just a heads up for anyone who ends up reading this: Twilight and the Spartan Stallion is rated "Mature," but dot doesn't truly become so until the epilogue, at least when I read it at the time, at which point it became a clopfic :facehoof: Thankfully, the epilogue is completely optional, the story resolves before then.

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