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A group for stories involving characters getting turned into, recovering from or otherwise being one of those pretty, pretty, totally-wasn't-at-one-point-alive-and-might-still-be exquisitely detailed statues in the Canterlot Royal Gardern.*

*Or elsewhere, location not exclusive

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This one fits the groups  setting

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Hmmm i forgot about this group. Should i like the 2 sequels to Stories in stone in here, ore perhaps the side stories. Unfortunately most of them have moved from the original premise.hmmmm

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As in, the story is about the thing the statue represents? It wasn't my intention, but I don't see why not. I created the group because the idea of being frozen in time is pretty darn nifty, and I couldn't find a centralized place for the genre. There are one or two I didn't add to the group because of spoilers, though.

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So, just to be clear: the statue doesn't need to be of a turned-to-stone creature?

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Well this is an interesting idea for a group. Time to join!

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I need SOMETHING to do while I'm filling out all the red tape at work!

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Heh, found a few others I see Pilate.

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Just a heads up for anyone who ends up reading this: Twilight and the Spartan Stallion is rated "Mature," but dot doesn't truly become so until the epilogue, at least when I read it at the time, at which point it became a clopfic :facehoof: Thankfully, the epilogue is completely optional, the story resolves before then.

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