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Crossover with Kamen Rider Gaim

Chapters (2)
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I think I'm going to like Duke *cough* Lemons *cough*


Another MangaKamen masterpiece? Heck Yeah!

Well, this seems to set the tone well. Just curious; will all the Armed Riders be original characters, or will any canon ponies taste the forbidden fruit?

So let's get started folks! SODA!

Nice!! Interesting seeing Equestrian Magic having an effect on the Lock Seeds in their premature state. Says something about your own view of how the Sengoku Drivers work. Moreover, I'm curious if Helhiem in this universe has already been through the human world, leaving a chance for some pony to find a Sengoku Driver to build new types based off of it. But then, I'm a dreamer, and I do want to see the new breed of Armored Riders take the stage! Well done so far, you have my support, and if you want to discuss things about this fic, or need someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of, I'm up for it! Well done again!

Calling it. Crescent is going to be Zangetsu.

But he's not the hero here. We'll know the one who belongs in the spotlight is here when we hear the words, "KOKO KARA WA ORE NO SUTTEJI DA!"

Sounds like Silver Bolt ate the fruit and turned into an Inves... (Incidentally, was his name a Transformers reference?)


And obviously, this "Duke" will be, well, Duke... I wonder if he'll be as big of a dick as Ryoma Sengoku...

And if this DOES take place in the same universe as "Friendship is Showtime", then there's a possibility that this will spoil future events from that fic...

5245107 I, for one, hope it was NOT a reference to Transformers, because if it was, it would arguably qualify as a Take That.

And it seems to be a rule, based on other Gaim stories I've seen, that anyone who is Duke is a massive dick.

5245107 I just took a look at the character tags. Since Princess Twilight Sparkle is up there, either this is NOT set in the same continuity as Friendship is Showtime, or it takes place after FiS has ended.

I have to say, while the first one would prevent any spoilers, the second one could prove to be...interesting.


If it was, I totally didn't notice it. I was too busy with the back to the future reference with Doc Brown.

5245265 so this could mean a possibility for Gaim and Wizard Fateful Sengoku crossover?

Well, it's obvious who Swift is and what happened to him... I'm having trouble specifically figuring out who Scootaloo, Dinky, and Myste's counterparts are... And Micchy doesn't seem to have a counterpart yet... And I've got no idea who that pegasus at the end was...

...Wait... does this mean that DJ Pon-3 is the avatar of Helheim in this universe? Or are you going to do something different with that?

Oh, you know me man. I'm not the kind of guy who'll have things the exact same... And I'll tell you this that my story won't end the same as the source material.

5247837 Okay.

...So does this take place in the same universe as Friendship is Showtime? Sure doesn't seem like it...

So, Ronin is taking the role of Kouta.

Vinyl Scratch is taking the role of DJ Sagara.

Scootaloo will apparently be taking Mai's role.

And Swift...he took Yuuya's role. We all know what that means.

Still, the fight was different from canon. And I don't think the Woman of the Beginning, AKA Mai, gave Kouta nearly as much advice as what Ronin got, since the advice started before he even transformed.

Also, was the indentation from Ronin's first Rider Kick a reference to Kiva's Darkness Moon Break?

Time to count up the references made so far. The prologue mentioned a car that could travel through time when it reached a certain speed. It could only have been a reference to the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

And Pit's comment about card games...YU-GI-OH!!!

By the way, I thought the announcement for Orange Arms, "Hanamichi on Stage", meant either "In the Spotlight on Stage" or "The Path of Blossoms to the Stage." I'm not sure where you got "Path through the Audience" from.

I will leave you with this song now.

And the awarded for best Salormoon refrens go's to. MangaKamen

And way to steal Kiva's finisher Ronin


I'm having trouble specifically figuring out who Scootaloo, Dinky, and Myste's counterparts are...

Allow me to point out that Scootaloo seemed to take a similar role to what Mai had in episode 1, except for the fact that she didn't to to Helheim with Ronin. Don't know who the others would have as counterparts.

5247932 okay so you'll be handling the references for To Arms, Mavericks of War, okay well I'll still handle Friendship is SHOWTIME

Or you could both do it. After all, there are a few other references in here that he missed.

Nice! So Vinyl is the DJ... Interesting. Our Wave-man seems a decent enough fellow, and it appears the Crusaders have gotten into dancing. Funny, I'd assume that would just be a Scootaloo thing. And I wonder where the Cakes and Pinkie are living...

5248087 Why don't we both do it? MangaKamen says we missed a few other references.

5248466 that's a great idea we'd be like Ryuki and Knight, or Agito and G3, or OOO and Birth.

5248485 Or Shotaro and Philip, to use two people who become one Kamen Rider.

By the way, GodzillaWolf has been writing a prequel to Friendship is Showtime. It's called In Search of F, and it focuses on the events of Kamen Rider Double in that universe.


Is it weird to imagine Baron being a dragon instead of a pony?

Hmmm, liking this so far, the "Path through the Audience" thing kinda threw me, usually it translates to The Path of Blossoms. That said, I figured you'd mix things up, and I'm liking that you did. Moreover, we didn't 'See' a woman of the beginning either, just a voice...that in my mind, could have been Swift trying to help Ronin during the fight. I'm reminded of how the episode with Gaim being hypnotized by that one Overlord into seeing an alternate world where Yuya became Gaim instead.

Still and all, liking where this is going, though I'm honestly rather concerned as to how our favorite corporation will be run under the nose of the princesses...or worse, if they are working with their express permission. Either way, excellent episode 1, and looking forward to next time!

Ronin, huh? Considering the theme of his rider form, it's makes sense. I assume that this takes place 5 to 10 years after Tireks' attack since the Crusaders seem to be between ages 15 and 18. I assume Dinky Doo is the actual Mai of this Gaim crossover.

Now to figure out who Ryugen is (20 bits on Scoots, as it seems Swift has bitten the dust. That is, unless you re-wrote that for this continuity, then he ends up as Ryugen. But I saw the first episode of Gaim and the episode they revealed what happened to who I assume is Swifts' counterpart. Don't take a brain surgeon to figure out what happen to Swift)

5250542 It's explicitly mentioned that it has been 7 years since either Twilight's Ascension or her getting her castle.

5250542 Actually, I don't think it's possible for Scootaloo to be Ryugen, simply because it seems to be practically required that in any Gaim story, the users of Ryugen and Zangetsu be siblings.

5252142 Whose to say the Zangetsu isn't her brother in this fic? Scootaloo is a black slate when it comes to background, so MangaKamen can make her Ryugen if he so pleased. We'll just have to wait till for next few chapters to find out, don't we?

5317838 I believe you mean SOIYA! DRIVE ARMS: Hitoppashiri iza Together!


That was before the rest of the Henshin phrase was revealed honestly.

5357110 But to even forget the SOIYA? That's practically mandatory for Gaim's Sengoku Driver.

what is this story about? When I hear Maverick, I think of Mega Man X.

5584229 Its a crossover story with a Japanese live action show called Kamen Rider Gaim - where the characters transform into armored warriors that fight each other with fruit based weaponry and they can actually gain the abilities of other warriors.

Wow. Intriguing. But odd in a way. Someone should make a story with Mavericks from Mega Man X. But fruit based weapons are pretty cool. Reminds me of PAC-MAN World Rally battle mode.

Comment posted by laserbolt24 deleted Nov 25th, 2015
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