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This story is a sequel to Friendship is SHOWTIME!!

Takes place in the same verse as Friendship is Showtime. It's actually a Prequel, not a sequel, but FIMfiction doesn't have the option to my knowledge.

All things have a memory, and the planet is no different. The Gaia Memory contains knowledge of everything that has ever existed in the land of Equestria. If knowledge is power, then the power of the Gaia Memory is a great and terrible indeed.

When this power is harnessed by a mysterious syndicate and falls into the hooves of criminals, Cloudsdale experiences a crime wave the like never before seen. The floating city's only salvation may be a mysterious two-in-one detective.

Those who make Cloudsdale cry, prepare to count up your sins!

Alternate Universe beginning several years before "The Mare in the Moon".

Thanks to MangaKamen for letting me write in his universe!

Trope Page, mainly to give me motivation, but enjoy!

Thanks to my friend Alexwarlorn for some help in writing!

Thanks to FlairNightz for the cover art!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 26 )

Very nice.

Also, calling it: Firebrand's going to turn out to be the Dopant who killed Frost. That's more or less how this case went in canon Double, after all.

You can say no but do you mind giving my version a read

OK, I think I actually predicted that Philip would be a unicorn on one of the "Friendship is Showtime" Chapters. YAY me.

Nice chapter, keep it up.

Now I need new leads to find new leads to uncover this new criminal…

Kind of redundant to word it like that.

<i>‘Frost was taken into Guard custody, but is recovering from his Gaia Memory use with help of his sister and professionals.</i>

Word of advice: Formatting on this site is different from Deviantart. If you want to create italics, you should use [] instead of <>, like you were doing earlier in the chapter.

Now for my thoughts on the actual chapter. ...you, sir, are awesome! I wanted Firebrand to not be the Dopant, and you managed to pull it off! Well done.

And it was funny how Rainbowshine dreaded the thought of Twilight Sparkle getting access to the Gaia Memory! It would be like a pack of Pringles, once she started, she wouldn't stop until she passed out from exhaustion!

Philip gave a intrigued grin, suddenly seeming excited. “Shou mentioned a story about an old detective pony your father told him of who was number one at everything in all of Equestria and searched it for his friend's murderer, leaving defeated criminals with cards for the gHGuard that detailed their crimes. I found it interesting.”

Heh. This one was easy, especially when you consider just how many similarities to W there are.

They both became heroes because someone important to them was killed, after all, and they both hated to see people cry.

Now, as for the current case, if we're simply using motivation, I'd say Slipstream is a prime suspect. Her wing didn't get busted by Icarus, and she's no doubt jealous that her injury has left her unable to participate in the Best Young Fliers Competition. What's more, the timing of our heroes meeting her is typical for W, bumping into her like that while they were trying to figure out who their suspect was. But I'm not going to make my verdict yet, because like Rainbowshine said, this could easily be a similar case to Firebrand's, and she's simply a Red Herring. So until we see the next chapter, I'm not going to push for a ruling as long as there's any room for doubt.

So... any particular reason you decided to stop posting this on Deviantart? I mean, it's not a problem, I'm just wondering.

'Hello Shou. It's fascinating. Did you know your friend Rainbow Dash may be related to-”

Hmm... why do I get the feeling that whatever that is will be important later...

4379112 Thanks.

And no, I didn't sstop posting it there, DA just wasn't letting me post it for some reason.

And maybe it will be a joke, maybe not ;)

“I thought her name was Ghost Story!”

No, she thought her name was Storyteller.

Reminds me of something this guy who used magic music to fight monsters I ran into once used

Okay, I caught both of the references to Kiva, as well as the reference to Garo and Kaiketsu Lionmaru, but I couldn't figure this one out for some reasom.

Well, THIS is a new development...what's next for Nazca?

I always thought that the Villain Decay Nasca went through in the original show was completely intentional...

4581816 It's not his Villain Decay that I was talking about.

It was that his debut appearance had him lose to Heat Trigger. Yes, matching Double at that point was impressive, but the Sonozakis supposedly have the strongest memories there are and yet they didn't really show it IMHO.

Well, the Industry Dopant seems to be a bit of a juggernaut. Digging the Leitmotif as well.

As for Nazca, using really powerful memory may need time to grow accustomed to it? I like to theorize.

Excellent work. On par with MangaKamen. Keep it up.

Comment posted by laserbolt24 deleted Jan 30th, 2016
Comment posted by laserbolt24 deleted Nov 25th, 2015

So, we got a little bit of bonding between Gina and Shou over the loss of someone important to them.

And just like in canon, Double got to show how Luna-Trigger can control the directions of the shots it fires.

Akiko getting a spare Stag Phone proved to be a very good thing, since Shou went and left his in Live Mode.

Philip is starting to have some flashbacks to his own family.


“I am a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes,” the unicorn replied with a rather proud grin. “Though I do admit, my superior enjoys his far more than I do mine.”

“Ugh, don't remind me of that freak,” Chain Link replied, looking unnerved. “Even by this business' standards that guy's a psycho.”

“Oh come now, afraid of somepony who takes his Gaia Memory research that seriously?” asked Cold Facts, giving a chuckle. “Then again, I will admit, he crosses lines I will not. But the data he's gathered on Dopant physiology alone is invaluable to production over all. I believe it is worth putting up with his eccentricities, yes?”

It's come together. My brain cells are in top gear. They could only be talking about Isaka Shinkuro, the stallion with the W Memory.

Let's just hope we don't have to wait literally a year before the next chapter again...

Awesome ^_^ I must read this soon.
I've been working on something that looks like it might be kind of similar, and I'm amazed by how much I see in common just from the description page. (Though enough differences too, so I hope I'm not treading on your toes). I'd seen quite a few Kamen Rider crossovers, but when I started I hadn't come across any W ones. So this will be a joy to read ^_^

You know, when I first saw the title, I thought of Frieza. Was that intentional?

Kamen Rider W gets a lot of crossover love I've noticed. Which is weird since a lot of the other series work just as well in Equestria.

I'm looking at you Wataru and Haruto.

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