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After his final battle against Dr. Maki, Eiji Hino is transported to Equestria and must find a way back home.However, he didn't arrive alone and must once again stand against Maki as he tries to bring about an end to this new world. Fortunately he has plenty of new friends to help him in this new struggle. The only question that remains is; Is Equestria ready for Kamen Rider OOO?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro inc. and Kamen Rider OOO (pronounced Os like in Cheerios for you Kamen Rider newbies) is owned by Toei Co. Please support both shows, they're awesome. Rated T for violence and potentially frightening moments. Image by DoctorRedBird

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Well, this is unexpected. I like it. You misspelled "Greeed" once during Ankh's reasoning, and when Maki says "It seems [...]" the "i" in "It" should be capitalized. Other than that this is well written. I look forward to more.

EDIT: I forgot to mention two things. The semicolon you used before the Ankh quote should be a colon, and you changed tenses in said quote. It should be "as bad as humans can be, the Greeed are still worse."

>mfw I finished reading:

Greed can spelled with an extra "e." This is done so that the English-speaking audience can properly distinguish Greed the creature from greed the act. As this a Japanese show, "Greed" is a foreign word and can be said without confusing anyone with those multiple definitions. But seeing as how we Westerners don't normally speak Japanese, certain accommodations have to be made to compensate for cultural differences.

After all to have friends you must first desire friendship. It occurs to me that the core medals powers are very similar to the Elements of Harmony but the Elements are focused through friendship and hence controllable. The wild impassioned and unfocused desire of the Core Medals might be even more powerful (The Cake Man did say their potential was "beyond infinite" after all) but are impossible to control and just destroy everything around them if someone attempts to access their full power. Interestingly it's implied that Eiji was able to harness more power than any other known medal user (though even he couldn't safely harness all of it) without going out of control through the power of friendship.

Some people are going to nitpick saying that unlike normal Greeed Maki created his Yummies using inanimate objects that represented a failed desire rather than using a person with an out of control desire that all the other Greeed did. But I say just because he never made normal Yummies in the show it doesn't mean that he can't. Of course it's possible that he's using the Lion medal to create a conventional cat yummy with Sweetie Belle. But if he created a Dinosaur Yummy using the statue of Discord... :twilightoops:

> badsitrep
I am well aware of how it is spelled when referring to both the creatures and the human feeling. But in that sentence it was referring to the race of desire monsters yet it was spelled without the extra "e". There are other instances in the story where it is used with three "e"s instead of two and in those instances it is used to refer to the desire monsters. It's a small inconsistency, but an inconsistency nonetheless. But, like you said, certain accommodations for cultural differences.


I wonder if Uva is going to show up unlike the others the Core Medal representing his seat of consciousness was never destroyed he was just overloaded with too many Core Medals by Dr. Maki.

After reading this again I do have a small problem. Episode 1 Eiji might just go ahhhh talking horses and then assume everything's fine. But Episode 49 has seen some terrifying @#$% at Maki's hands (The death of an entire amusement park except for one little girl anyone?). It seems to me that his number one priority would be to make absolutely certain Maki is down and is staying down.

Celestia too you don't rule successfully on a dangerous world for thousands of years by making assumptions. As soon as she heard that an entity that was almost successful in destroying a world was involved in this she probably would launch a full investigation.

657699 Wow, those are very good points. You really know what you're talking about. With Eiji the last thing he saw before being sucked through the vortex was Maki literally being tornto pieces after taking a combined hit from him and Ankh and then seeing the other purple Core Medals shatter as they were sucked in. Eiji maybe alot smarter than he appears but he's also an optimist. Based on all of that he'd assume Maki is gone for good. Also I'm fairly sure even Ichigo would scream if he woke up surrounded by technicolor horses lol

As for Celestia while she's certainly no fool when it comes to things like this she's also composed and tactful, even with Discord she was confident Twilight and freinds could win with the Elements. So while she would "look into things" like she said, just in case, she wouldn't send out her guards to comb Equestria for Maki before she knew for sure what she was dealing with, especially since Eiji seemed confident that he had finished him. I should note that this is set after Season 2 so I'd argue she also doesn't want to cause a panic so soon after the Changeling invasion.

657171 Thanks for pointing those out, it's always the little mistakes that I miss. Glad you enjoyed the story though ^^

One last thing, before someone else points it out, I am aware that Eiji is supposed to have both halves of Ankh's Core. That was a slip up on my part and I'm going to fix that soon, otherwise what I have planned won't make any sense.


Actually Eiji grabbed one half of Ankh's core midair the other half flew to Hina. Eiji didn't have both halves until he started walking the Earth again. Presumably Hina gave him her half.

Have you seen Megamax yet? I haven't so I don't know the nature of Ankh's resurrection in that.

662786 That's true but the other one flew to Hina because there it and Eiji just fell to earth instead of being sucked into the portal with Maki like here. Besides like I said I kinda need him to have both halves.

Yes I have seen Megamax. If you want I could link you to a subbed version, PM me if interested.

I didn't know this fic was on FIMFiction, YAY!!!!!!!!

SUBARASHII, this was great. I really liked this chapter, while I'm not a fan of making up content the combo you created was neat. I just hope actual Combo's will appear, since I want to see TaJaDor and SaGoZo in action. I pumped for the next chapter.

906442 Not to worry, now that I got my original macguffin out the way we'll start seeing more recognizable combos.

P.S. SaGoZo and TaJaDor are two of my favorites too :twilightsmile:

That's awesome, I might as well show you my top 5 favourite OOO Combos.
1. TaJaDor
2. SaGoZo
3. PuToTyra
4. LaToraTah
5. BuraKaWani
I hope next chapter won't take to long, and I'm still trying to figure out why this isen't in the featured box?. :twilightsmile:

909731Small audience I assume. I was hoping this would be an introduction to OOO (and Kamen Rider in general) but from what I've seen so far most of the readers are already Kamen Rider fans (Still shocked there are so many on here :pinkiegasp: ). Guess it just doesn't appeal to the average MLP fan. Oh well, as long as even one person enjoys it I'll keep it going

Edit: That also means I won't have to be as crazy with the details from here on. lol

Also; 1. TaJaDor
2. LaToraTah
3. SoGoZo
4. Super TaToBa
5. GataKiriBa

You know after talking about OOO I suddenly want to listen to the OOO Full Combo Collection, I think I will do that.
Top 5 OOO Combo Songs:
1. Time Judged All
3. Ride On Right Time
4. Got To Keep It Real
5. Sun Goes Up

Have been waiting such a long a long time and was about to give up hope, but OP you have delivered this superbly....

PS: Original Combo jingle was really clever : )
Keep this one going!!!! SUBARASHI!!!!!

916790 Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay, both for the reply and the update, but I'm really happy so many OOO fans are finding this enjoyable. I'll try my best not to disappoint you :raritywink:


980032 also speaking of combos will ALL the combos be in it? (Aka TaToBa, GattaKiriBa, RaToraTah, SaGoZo, TaJaDol, ShaUTa, PuToTyra) Including BuraKaWani and Super TaToBa?

1069977 Yes. I'm planning to include every Combo at least once. And since this will technically be an alternate version of Mega Max I have a brand new origin in mind for the Super TaToBa Medals.

1070415 awesome can't wait! also no to be rude or anything but when will the next chapter be up?

1070501 A little while still. I have a good chunk of it done and I know what else I want to put in. Just having a little trouble making it all fit together.

1070604 yeah i'm dealing with the same thing on chapter 2 of my second fanfic.

Interesting. True to source material, interested to see where this goes. OOO's is my favorite Rider series, so I am looking forward to what you are going to do with it, especially with a 'stranger in a strange land' scenario. Eiji can adapt to anywhere he goes, but can Ponyville adapt to him?

Eh... probably...


If Kousei Kougami were with Eiji. Kousei and Pinkie Pie would get along so well.
Happy Birthday!

This chapter rocks, especially with the debut of UniTenKou Combo. I can't wait to see how the rest of the story goes. Though I'd like to make 2 predictions about what will happen:

1. Out of the Mane 6, Ankh will come to blows with Rainbow Dash the most.
2. After being saved by Eiji, Sweetie Belle develops a crush on him.

Well all of Tajadol/Tajador, but that'll probably take a while.

I'm betting Tatoba's coming soon...

Also, oh my God, this story updated!

can't wait till Lyra meets Ankh :pinkiehappy:

in wonder if Ankh's gonna take a body for loan and who is gonna take.

my bets are on Spike, he's the only one with avaiable hands :moustache:

Awesome Chapter!!! :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:
While I do wish that Eiji would get the medals for Tajador or PuToTyra I bet big money (or is it bits) that it is a certain TaToBa Combo. :pinkiehappy: Also is any other Kamen Rider going to appear -like a certain Passing Through Kamen Rider- or is it just going to be Eiji and maybe Shintaro Goto or Akira Date? :rainbowhuh:
I can't wait to see what happens next and rooting all the way for you to actually finish this story unlike most other Kamen Rider stories on this site. :yay:

Heh. Taglines.
Anyway, I always love some good Pony/Rider crossover action, especially since they tend to be a rarity on this site. It's a straightforward idea for a plot, and I can certainly see it going places.
I would, however, like to indulge my inner grammar nazi for a moment, and point out a few little ticks you should pay attention to. (This is encompassing all 3 chapters, since I just read them all in one shot.)
1. It's and its are a contraction and possessive, respectively. Use "its" to show ownership.
2. "alot" is incorrect. The phrase is "a lot".
Sorry if I'm sounding condescending, it's just, y'know, grammar nazi. Little things that bug me. :twilightsheepish:

So happy the new chapter has arrived. Hopefully, the rest will be smooth sailing.

I knew Ankh and Rainbow Dash would become instant enemies. Sounds like Spike now views Eiji as a rival for Rarity's affection. I wonder if this will lead to him becoming a victim of Maki?

I also have a feeling that based on Shining Armor's opinion of Eiji, the two of them will not get off on the right foot when they eventually meet.

So, Maki's disguised himself as a pony? Pretty clever of him to blend into the crowd. I'm guessing he chose an Earth Pony as his disguise because most of the citizens in Ponyville are Earth Ponies, right?

As for your comment about 3 certain Medals, its pretty obvious which form you're talking about.

TaToBa is a definitely the one coming, it's just obvious. And a very great chapter, hope we can get some action next time. Hope to see the ability to listen to the Combo themes once we get some action. :twilightsmile:

1963936 Thank you very much, I'll do my best not to let you down. This one gave me soooo much trouble but now that it's out of the way the action and drama can really pick up. Also, yes, I do have plans for Date and Gotou. I couldn't possibly leave the Birth Brothers out of this. As for other Riders...we'll just have to see. :raritywink:

1963951 You don't sound condescending at all. Thank you very much for pointing that out, I'm always looking to improve and I'll be going through all 3 chapters to fix those little hiccups.

1964766 Yeah, here's hoping lol. I actually meant for the Spike thing to be joke and leave it at that. Using him as a Yummy parent never even occured to me but now it makes alot of sense. Thanks, he's totally on the list now.
Also Maki's only seen the CMC so far so him choosing an earth pony disguise was purely coincidental, and to be perfectly honest I decided it on a die roll. But if I have to justify it, he chose it because he can't fly with only one of his Cores and he can't perform magic, so an earth pony was the only type he could pass for. Yeah...that's totally what I thought so you can ignore that scratched out text. :twilightblush:

lol you should make Pinkie Pie act a little like Kougami on the next chapter!


It has to be TaToBa, it is Eiji's signature afterall!

But I have to say, the wait was worth it, and I gotta say if Spike goes Yummy, being a dragon, he will not be an easy one.

1771996>>1979488 Just curious but am I really the only one that thinks Pinkie is more like Chiyoko? :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by BronyRanger deleted Jan 19th, 2013

when will birth appear? will you make a custom rider for the series? when will the next chapter be out?

Well, this fic has me jazzed in a very huge way! I loved OOOs the series, and this fic is shaping up to be a worthy successor right away!

Honestly though, I'd like to say a few things right off the bat.

Firstly, are you going to have Cobra, Kame, and Wani medals in here? I know they were movie medals, but there was no reason to think they were destroyed afterwards, but rather kept by Maki after some unnamed battle. Reason? I want to see OOOs with 8, in this case, 9 forms all at once again somewhere down the line!

Second, looking at Shining Armor and Spike, I see an echo of dear Goto-chan, moreover a couple of guys that, if I were Maki, I'd make my own Riders to counter OOOs and Ankh. Mind you, if it was me, this time I'd use Shining as the Rider, with a touch of either brainwashing or blackmail, and Spike as a Medal generator. After all, what has stronger desires, stronger greed, than a Dragon? Heck, Spike's potential desire is so great, I'd wager he could help forge NEW CORE MEDALS if you swing it right. Likely it would harm him greatly, but then, what's a rider series without some genuine drama that isn't just wished away by the end of the episode?

Thirdly, UniTenKou...those medals were likely made by a conscious sacrifice to protect Harmony, and your foreshadowing has me thinking of a certain statue that is NOT Discord.

Fourthly, Discord, I'm betting Dollars to Donuts his power is comparable to the Core Medals, in the sense that with some effort he could make more, or at the very least, Generate Cell Medals like it was going out of style. Throw in Maki likely working beside him, and not only are the recreation of the purple Cores likely, but the restoration of every set of medals to their 10 count becomes possible. And from there, can anyone say first TRULY completed Greeed? I'd want to see that, hell if I was better author I'd WRITE THAT!

Anyway, that's about all the rant I got for now, I hope it's been useful and sparked some ideas. Hope things go well. Meanwhile...(Flips a medal and catches it.) Time for me to start Earning.

2122024 Whoa those are some seriously awesome ideas, stuff I never even considered in fact.

I guess I should start with the simple one. Yes, I am going to include the Reptile Medals. I thought it was kinda unfair Eiji didn't use those again when Fourze kept the Super Rocket switch for his series.

Both Spike and Shining Armor have their own roles to play. However, to be clear, Shining Armor's issue is that he's worried to death about his sister (and maybe still feeling guilty about what happened at the wedding, haven't decided) and he's currently pretty much helpless to do anything about it. Spike is really just jealous of the affection Rarity was showing Eiji, as we saw in Secret to my Excess his love for Rarity trumped his natural dragon greed. Don't worry there will be drama, hopefully jaw-dropping if I can build it up properly before the big twist.

Alas I don't think Discord will be making an appearance in this. One, because I know I couldn't do him justice and keep him properly in character. Two, Discord doesn't strike me as the type who'd team up with a guy like Maki for any reason. Maki's final goal is to leave the world an empty husk which Discord would find absolutely boring. And from what we've seen Discord's powers were all about change and manipulation, not creation and destruction so he couldn't undo it. However, he WILL have some role to play (even if it's indirect) and another MLP villian will be actively joining the fun.

Whew, okay I think that's everything. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I'm stoked you're enjoying the story so far.

>> TomaTanuki

HEY!! Just wanted to reply real quick!

I sent you a separate PM when I viewed your profile, just give that a look, if you don't mind.

That said, glad to know a bit more about Spike and Shining's roles. Of course, you are right about Discord, he's in it for the laughs, for the most part. Thing is though, as much a Stick-in-the-mud as Maki is, he's got two things in his favor. He's a master manipulator in his own right, and would likely be able to interest Discord with the possibility medals present, at least in making the general public's lives more chaotic. Second, Maki would keep his trap shut about the ultimate end anyway if he wanted something so powerful on his side. He's evil, but he's brilliant, he did make the Birth System after all. Besides, Discord would be a smokescreen at best, a FUN and AWESOME smokescreen but no more than that.

Also, I do understand about writing Discord, he's a character so cool, you really do need to get it right, or just not use him. That said, I respect your decision.

Something I forgot to mention last time though. Maki knows the Greeed method of doing things won't likely get his way with OOOs out there. But, he was also able to create a Rider System based off the cell medals, AFTER research and knowledge of the Core medals and the Seal, or OOOs Driver, was given to him by Kougami. Who's to say, in an effort to augment his power after failing last time, Maki wouldn't take the, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" adage and make a Driver for himself to maximize his medal use? Imagine, 2 OOOs, one with sinister purpose and no restraint, and Eiji, fighting desperately when his own power and control is pushed to the brink!

Yeah...kinda had that in my head a long time.

Anyway, take care and thanks for the reply!

Okay, so let me see if I got what each of the pink Core Medal's individual powers are:
* Unicorn: The ability to cast magic spells.
* Tenma: Sprouts wings for flight capabilities.
* Kouma: Increased kicking power.

Now, I must ask. What exactly is UniTenKou's full Combo ability?

2129326 Right on the mark for the Medal powers. As for it's special ability, that would be telling/spoiling and I think you actually helped me come up with it anyway back on fanfic.net. Course I could be wrong :twilightblush:

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