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(This was my first ever story on Fimfic. I'm continuing it, but its also currently going under heavy editing. For those new, please keep that in mind. Thank you to those who've supported me since the beginning!)
仮面ライダードレイク!Kamen Rider Drake!
Unlock the door to Power!
電源への扉のロックを解除 !
Spike, the purple scaled, green spiked, #1 assistant drake to Princess Twilight Sparkle, now finds himself facing a new challenge. A small, metal dragon no larger than Spike's own claw suddenly shows up and tells Spike of an
incoming threat that he will have to face. But not as an ordinary baby dragon, no...
As the Kamen Rider Drake!
What dangers will he face?! What allies will he gain?! What enemies will be made?! Only one way to find out!
(Taking place shortly after the end of Season 3)

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 84 )

a few formatting mistakes, though that could be from the conversion from whatever word possessor u were using to this site. so, we have a living Henshin tool, not a first, but it is a rarity. the last one i know of that was alive was the Fang Gaia Memory from Kamen Rider W. indecently, instead of calling him Drake, u could use the word 'Ryu', which means 'Dragon' in Japanese, and it would match the world of Kamen Rider a little more. in particular if ur going to have Spike yelling 'Henshin' (transform) in order to become a Kamen Rider

so, dragon is something like Kibat...interesting...

oh, Kibat is the Henshin tool of Kamen Rider Kiva, hes a little bit of a wise ass, but he does have a (mostly) good heart.

hmmmn, interesting enough, but i think the Kamen Rider that made it to American shores did it just slightly better <draws a card from a belt holder and slips it into a reader "Sword vent!">

2732581 dude kamaen riders only used cards recently the originals were in manga the first superheroes in tights that killed bad guys with blood pumping awsomeness

2738060 actually, the more recent used usb drives or coin like medals.

2738273 thats because im talking about two differnt series. Kamen Rider W, and Kamen Rider OOO. W (pronounced 'double') used the USB drives, called Gaia Memories. while OOO used the medals. personally, i thought that W had the better gimmic,

2738493 no clue on ether the only 2 I know of is dragon knight with the cards and the original manga were they only used their fists and kicks

2738956 :facehoof: ok, if ur only going by the crap that came to American shores...ur never going to understand the true Kamen Rider. there have been plenty of series of the show, based out of Japan, that have never seen English translation. Kamen Rider W and OOO r just two. others include Kiva, Den-O, Kabuto, Decade, Wisard, 555, Fourze, and many others each having different gimmicks for their Henshin tools, most commonly being belt mounted devices but not always. Spikes is actually closest to Kamen Rider Kiva, whos Henshin tool is a mecha bat by the name of Kibat. Kibat is intelligent, but can be a wise ass at times. if u look into it, ull find quite a bit of data on the true origins of...Kamen Rider

<pulls out what looks like a large flash drive, pressing the small button on it>




2739118 yeah, thats incredibly old school. the more modern Kamen Rider was even paired with another show for an hour long slot referred to as Super Hero Time. an episode of Super Sentai (the much better precursors to all of our Power Ranger shows. if there was a Power Rangers, there was a Sentai series that came before it which was Americanized and generally turned into crap as a result) followed by an episode of Kamen Rider

2740663 newer stuff still has blood in it, as does Super Sentai. they arnt as squeamish about that kind of thing in Japan

more likely, something like this... 火 it means 'hi' or 'Fire'. in all likelihood, u will be including four more of these stones...matching the elements of Bushido. such as 水 (water), 天 (heaven), or 木 (wood)

2765779 This actually isn't based off of anything for the most part. Some things that happen in the story and certain powers that Spike will obtain are influenced by the japanese Kamen Rider shows. Other than that, I didn't base it off of any other specific Kamen Rider show. However, the title has a double meaning as reference to Kamen Rider Kabuto :)

the sword is on a tether...it could work, but i have a feeling that the new attack/item could work better...i say 2

Use new key. And I must say that this story is better than I thought it would be. You good sir have my attention.:pinkiehappy:

Thank you all very much for voting and supporting the story, I was taking a chance on implementing this into this episode and I'm glad it turned out well :)
Can't wait to see what second active decision will be most popular! :pinkiehappy:

If that enemy don't be a idiot, he is going to Sweet Apple Acres, finish your work.

<Dragon is controling Rarity...i think i see a third option here....Rarity! quick! u need to say Henshin! two Riders r more powerful than one!

2897617 As much as I would LOVE to have that as an option, Dragon, in Episode 1,Part 1, said that only dragons could withstand the henshin, which was one of the two reasons Dragon chose Spike.
However, with the appearance of Gemini allows for new possibilities. Why is it that neither he nor Dragon remember where they came from. And let's not forget Necromancer's strange memories.
I have days and days worth of writing ahead of me :pinkiesmile:
In the meantime though...

2897976 i am aware thats what he said...but then, theoretically, a partial henshin may yet be survivable by Rarity. or, it could create a new Rider system that transfers permanently to her that would be fully compatible with pony physiology...one thing that every Kamen Rider series has in common...theres always more than one Kamen Rider...be they dark or light...

2898039 Hmm... that is a really interesting suggestion. Perhaps Dragon may yet try that, in terms of another rider, there actually is going to be one, but probably from somepony you don't expect that will later become one of Spike's allies. I also plan for yet another rider to appear after that but he or she hasn't appeared yet ;) Plus Necromancer is trying to get rid of Spike already so he wouldn't want to put her in any danger.
Then again, Necromancer isn't a total villain as the recent episode has shown. But the question is, what is his motive?

"You and I, today, for day, we will be double of two riders."



2912995 Indeed :pinkiesmile: Some other pieces of Spike's gear also take some aspects from W, Ryuki, Blade, and OOO. See if you can spot them all :pinkiehappy:

That filled me up with Necromancer was talking about his grandmother and mother. That last sentence is very wise and true words. :twilightblush:

2939960 Thanks for your kind words friend. My goal was to set the tone on who Necromancer originally was.
As for the phrase, I came up with it this morning :pinkiesmile:

2940167 That's an impressive amount of moustaches :pinkiehappy:

2941558 That is also a good amount of moustaches :)

Another interesting chapter. I wonder how everyone will take the fact that Spike is more or less a superhero.:unsuresweetie::rainbowlaugh:

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