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Welcome true believers and newcomers all alike!

You might not be able to believe what I’m about to say, but everyone’s imagination has the ability to open countless worlds to anypony’s mind. Sometimes these worlds are nothing more than blurs, other times we can see them as crystal clear as the blue sky above. When we see these worlds as clearly as we can, we take inspiration from what we see.

Creating inspiration!

Bringing hope of a new world!

But are these worlds real? Or are they just figments of our imagination?

There is but one way to find out… So let’s turn the page so we may see what fates await, what twists will turn, packed with chilling thrills, and of course heroics!

(Slight crossover from the Yugioh Card Game).

Chapters (2)
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I...LOVE IT!!! :pinkiehappy: Maybe I can throw in a few more monsters of the Yugiverse such as the awesome NUMBER 79: BATTLIN' BOXER...NOVA CEASAR!!!!


Junk Maverick is based off of Junk Warrior...cool idea. Maybe you should open up a suggestion box for cards that people want to see. My personal pick is No. 39: Utopia (personally I prefer its japanese name: No. 39: Kibou Ou Hope) and its other forms (Utopia Ray, Utopia Ray V, Utopia Ray Victory, Beyond the Hope, Utopia Roots, and Future Hope)

Btw, which card was the basis for the unicorn that's obsessed with beauty? I don't recognize it.

Comment posted by MangaKamen deleted Jun 4th, 2014

4495259 well, the unicorn that's obsessed with beauty is supposed to be the Mobius Line of cards: With http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Essha_the_Frost_Vassal Essha being the name, but having more of a reference to Mobius the Frost Monarch.

are we going to see Neos too?

4502468 Maybe. I have a few little surprises here and there

Also...One for a dramatic entrance, ain't ya Junk?

what is this a crossover of :applejackconfused:

Technically Yugioh 5D's or the Trading card game
Since Junk stallion is based off of the Card - Junk Warrior and a few other yugioh cards.

4865429 ok i just coudnt tell from the art:twilightsheepish:

4865577 Yeah well, translating a picture from a trading card into a pony does tend to be odd...

“This is Stanley,” Spike introduced as he pulled the comic away. “He owns this shop.”

Oh Faust! YOu gave a cameo to Stan Lee! Father of Marvel Comics! :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

Hmm...With the rise of ARC-V into its second season and Jack Atlas is coming back with his card...This needs an update :3

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