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After another encounter with Team Rocket, Pikachu and Buneary are somehow transported into Equestria around the time Discord is released from his prison. They make new friends and fight new enemies as well as familiar old ones during their time there. But will they ever find a way to get back home? Or is home closer then they think?

Takes place sometime after the Best Wishes/Black and White series.

Possibly the first Lagomorphshipping story on FIMFiction.

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1502791The same thoughts were going through my head. About the different series, not the first part.
You say this takes place after Black/White, yet you have Pikachu with Buneary who is Dawn's pokemon. And you use the opening theme from season 8(I believe) Advanced Battle. No argument against it, it's one of my favorite pokemon themes as well. Just seems like you've gone all over the place in terms of Pokemon lore.

1502913 1502910 1502791 at the end of black and white (or at least near the end) dawn is with ash and team rocket is about to be beaten (for good)

1503172 yeah, i didn't say blating off though. i said "beaten for good" as in not just those three. it's like giovani's there in person to fight ash (you know mor like ash & co gets in the way and they have to fight) and like a huge finale.

And then giratina/palkia/arceus/dialga come and destroy the world :pinkiecrazy:

I'm calling it now, before reading; :trixieshiftright:

There's gonna be a love triangle between Pikachu, Buneary and Angel.

Huh, I think this is the first Pokemon/MLP fanfic I've ever read...

Oh well, may as well wait for more.

1502791>>1502910>>1502913 Like someone said, this story takes place after Ash is done in the Unova region. After the Discord storyline is over with, things will be cleared up. Also, the reason the Advanced Battle theme is used for this story is because it's the best theme I could use that would fit this story and the others themes are going to be used for other things in the story.

1503515 I have another Pokemon/MLP story that is going on right now. It's called "A Bed End Leads to a Good End"

1503622Please tell me you have it published.

1503515 1503833
There is a group dedicated to Pokemon crossover, featuring about a dozen pokemon crossovers. Pokemon fics

1505389 There will be more chapters

1503833 I do

1506228Where? Because I looked on your profile and I didn't see any other pokemon fics.

FLUTTERSHY COMMANDS!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

This looks alright, but Pikachu's dialogue just seems... wrong somehow.

The faster I am then my target, the more damage it does.

This doesn't seem like a realistic thought process people in the world of pokemon have about the attacks. To them, it's a ball of electricity, no speed stats increasing power.

Swoons, the story continues.
Nice chapter.

"more darker" no. just no. strories is okay though


Grammar's making me want to retch, but the story is still good.

1557847 This one was kind of rushed. Next episode, I will not rush so much.

I feel so much more like a kid now, having sung the Advanced Battle theme as I read this. :D

Hey! Look at that! I'm first!

Let me take this opportunity to show you what I want to happen.

Yep. Just like that.

Quick Summary: This mini episode shows a short battle between Paul and King Sombra, Uxie's first appearance in the story, and the first appearance of Apple Bloom from the Blanked Apple Bloom Tumblr blog. It also gives a bit of an explanation as to what Pikachu and Buneary might look like as ponies. I hope you guys liked this.

1703681 Could you link the tumblr that you got that Applebloom from?

1703768 Next time provide something with more substance.

1787745 I know, but the confusion will be settled in the next chapter.

interesting and i feel a shit storm bruing

Interesting so far. I wouldn't say the interpretation of Scootaling is perfectly spot on, but it's close enough for my blessing.

1902694 I know it's not the best, but I'm glad you still enjoy it.

I understand this completely, if it's any consolation.

I was wondering why a Cena costume was involved.
Too bad that guy under me were first.
Anyway, great chapter:pinkiehappy:

2100785 Congratulations, now let me know which pony or Pokemon OC you want to appear in this story and that character will make an appearance in a later chapter. I'll also need a bio of this character.

Nneed more need why don't you make more and hurry up please.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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