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What happens when I'm sleep deprived · 2:15am Nov 3rd, 2012

Two sisters, both alike in dignity,
In fair Equestria, where we lay our scene,
From ancient jealousy breaks new mutiny,
where ponies' blood, makes royal hooves unclean.
From forth the fatal resentment of the sister young,
A star crossed destiny takes it's place,
Which in passing shall overthrow
Do with its end bury Luna's mental strife.
The fearful passage of this evil marked tale,
And the continuance of the Nightmare's rage,
Which, but the elements, nought could end

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I'm putting the Bio back because Buck the Police

Hey, I made this look okay on the new user page layout circa Christmas '013, any ugliness is no longer my fault. Anyway, wow I haven't been on here for a while. Hopefully you're here because I did something right, if not then these aren't the droids you're looking for. As of writing this at least I've been thinking about Marehouse 13 a lot and hopefully can get working on the story, since I really shouldn't have that may man hours left before the first chapter is written. Oh yeah, and I've been thinking about clearing out my old stories, since they all are bad, unedited, and mostly me playing around with styling. I'm probably wimping out in case anyone ever cares to read them.

On to more interesting stuff...

Back to boring monologue, you know I've never used emoticons before. (I bet you thought I'd put an emoticon here, didn't you)
Or colo(u)rs
LOL big
I'm sorry this is just so fun

If you're still reading this I'm in your house right now, pouring all your beverages down the toilet, but not flushing. That's right, no one is reading this, so I might as well stop.

Wow this is so long I messed up the left-right balance...

"New" stories (I haven't added anything since before voting on comments)

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Haha, thanks for the favorite on Warehouse 14. (I feel so awkward, you started while my story was still in development stages.:twilightsheepish:)

That remark on my page was genius dear sir...it took me almost 3 minutes to remember where it was from.

I need to put frozen tortillas on my computer

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