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Well. Interesting.
A 970 word sentence.

My god, it's full of stars.

That was...


Good. I like it. Interesting concept. Sooooo... yeah. I think that Luna won. But that was some major trolling on Celestia's part, so I will use a :trollestia: right here.


Wow, you were not kidding about that sentence.:twilightoops:

I think my brain melted a couple times while reading through it.:pinkiesick:

Why can't I hold all these thumbs up?


tl;dr Luna became Nightmare Moon because she got emo over crushing some star in her hair.

dat clause structure...

One thumb up. :pinkiesmile: Ok another thumb up. :pinkiehappy: And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. :pinkiecrazy:And another. And another. And another. And another. And another.

Yes, I think this is worthy of a thumb and a fav, if only for that prank at the end.

Am I a bad reader? :P

Now THAT'S a sentence!

There was another fic about Pinkie greeting a pony. The only punctuation marks were maybe a couple commas and a single exclamation mark.

This was... Magnificent. Absolutely awe-inspiring, though Celestia did troll better, Luna's prank is much better.

Itching powder not in the underwear of any sort, but rather in the shampoo? For her "Lady-Parts" (I put this in quotes because the original phrase that popped into my mind would have gotten me set to the moon)

Not sure if I want to murder you or hug you for what you just did to my mind. This should be on the front page as an example of why to keep your paragraphs short, and why full stops are a blessing unto thy readers.


Hilarious, nonetheless.


<Arcainum> yeah Amit's paragraphs are as short as his sentences
<Arcainum> because his paragraphs
<Arcainum> are sentences.

Believe me, I know.

1051882 Just so you know, the bold/italic text wasn't intended to mean you should have used them (although I still don't know what I just read)

I think you wrote the longest sentence on FIMFiction.net.

1051384 You should put that tl;dr into an author's note or something at the end of the story. :trollestia::coolphoto:

Drinking game: Take a sip every time the word "and" is used.

It just kept talking and talking in one incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that nobody had the chance to interrupt.

It was quite hypnotic.


I hate that holiday...:twilightangry2:

So many... breaths.. to.. read... sentence. Well it just good never the less! The description of her life was pretty cool.... and long. But I think Luna won! :yay: :rainbowlaugh: Well I must say that this has earned a like, if not more! Have a great day!

Not at all. Just a targeted demographic. :twilightsheepish:

To be responsible for laughter, to be responsible for tears, to be responsible for death itself.

I am God. :pinkiecrazy:


Yay! I'm a target demograph! I feel...surprisingly normal.

So yeah, now you've done this, I challenge you to make an even longer sentence. >:P

... Wow. That was something. I love April fools!:rainbowkiss:

Author Interviewer

This was rather brilliant and leaves my 500-word sentence of which I am so proud looking a bit flaccid. :|

Dammit, Amit, i think my brain just 404'd :applejackconfused:

That was... quite the sentence. You weren't kidding. For some reason, I still liked this story.

It's no surprise that all the grammar errors I found were in that sentence...

and grown around it and break free but it was not freedom


and felt the strength around her as the illusion grow into reality


Though there are some places where commas would have been appropriate, even I can see the eschewing of them was intentional, or at least poetical. Yes, a comma anywhere in that block would have completely destroyed the tension and broken the flow.

I did a reading:

I tried splicing together overlapping voice lines for The Sentence to make it seem like it was all one breath. I'm not sure if I did a good job of that, though.
It was an ordeal.

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