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:pinkiesmile: - Look Twilight, you have another follower! AND you're the first to enter a comment on his home page! EVEN BETTER!

:twilightblush: - Hoo boy, all this attention is great, but... not to sound weird, I just don't know anything about being popular.

:pinkiehappy: - Oh Twilight, you're so sweet! Even if you're a big liar-liar pants on fire!

:twilightoops: - ... come again?

:pinkiesmile: - Precisely! Why, after all the clop fics I've read with you being brutally gang-banged by leather-clad stallions AND mares, I'd say it's pretty obvious you're quite the "attention whore"! Get it!?

:twilightangry2: - Pinkie! That is gross and COMPLETELY untrue! Those are ADULT stories on this site dreamed up by SICK, DEMENTED people! It's just stupid FICTION!

:pinkiehappy: - Oh silly, I'm not talking about FIMFiction! I'm talking about your DIARY entries!

:twilightoops: - ...

:pinkiesmile: - Aw, she's cute when she twitches. Thanks for the watch, cromt!

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