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Gilda isn't very happy.

Then Pinkie Pie shows up - and with Gilda's unwitting help, they promptly find themselves in a very hostile place, surrounded by very hostile people.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that things going at escape velocity in the atmosphere reach nose speeds of thousands of degrees. Indeed, I am perfectly aware that living things do not generally survive crashing into solid metal at escape velocity. Why, of course I know that ramjets do not work outside of the atmosphere.

I am furthermore perfectly aware that ponies do not speak, nor do they construct machinery, nor do they tend to survive having anvils dropped on them.

Background GildaDash.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

Oh my god. This is utter BRILLIANCE, and I plead, nay, I DEMAND you continue. Seriously. I haven't read a good comedy in a long time, and this more than hit the spot. Liked and fav'd.:rainbowlaugh:

I just.....I kinda.....I want to hug you right now. Is that weird?
Yea, that's a little weird.

I-we-you stole my idea!

this is just....LOL :rainbowlaugh:
can't wait to see how this turnes out :pinkiehappy:

If it was marked as “complete”, I'd say they're already dead.
But it's not, so I'm intrigued how you will continue it.

Wow. Awesome :rainbowkiss:

Foist? Humph. Just keep it up, I like it.

Any reason in particular that this was cancelled, or was it merely a loss of inspiration? I like what's here, at any rate.

Loss of inspiration. I might might might get back to it some day.

Well now. I'm gone for seven weeks and then I come back to this. I offer a word of encouragement, that you may one day return to this writing this story.


This is certainly an interesting story, and I'd love to see more. All in your own time, I guess!

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