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Unexpected Changeling Feature · 8:31pm Nov 13th, 2012

Well, my friend's story " Unexpected Changeling: What it means to be loved" just got in the featured box on FimFiction! If that weren't awesome enough, that means that my cover art also is! Of course, now that I've had some more experience in art, I know I could do better. Still, it's a decent cover art.

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Alright then! My email is knives4cash@yahoo.com

Just send me an email and we can get connected.


50856 Sure. That would be great!

50851 I don't suppose that you'd care to beta read it and offer constructive criticism? It took about two weeks to get a response from Friendly Uncle, only one of my four contacts for this story.

So I would appreciate a more... "dependable" source for beta reading.


50813 I did indeed. Looking forward to where you take the series!

*I* want to thank you blah blah blah.

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