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Greetings one and all, welcome to this exclusive club for those who posses the gratuitous amounts of facial hair that only a real man is capable of growing. Enjoy your stay.

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Full Beard.
My beard is my pride.
The heavens my fall upon myself, but I will stand tall.
For my beard is my soul,
For my beard is my life,
For my beard is my pride.
I've devoted my time to care for the hair threads that descend down my face.
And I'll show the world the respect that It deserves.
For it's a Full Beard.
And the time and the universe shall tremble.
Full Beard.

I don't know what pushed me to search "beard" in the group page, but I did and I just had to join... After all, I've been sporting a beard since the year 2000! It used to be a Lincoln-style, but I upgraded it into a full beard a while ago. :eeyup:

Had to join this group. One full beard, here. I keep it trimmed pretty close, but I think it qualifies.

Add one van dyke beard to the club.

i too have a beard

I have the full beard, although I trim and sculpt it to frame my jawline.

I don't quite know how to classify it per se, but I've got a legit beard. Gotta have something to stroke whilst pondering the universe, ya know...:twilightsmile:

My beard would fall under homeless. I am young, though, so I can get away with this.

Others (specifically my mother, as well as many other women that I know) tell me I have the homeless beard. Using this handy graphic, I'd like to point out that the homeless beard has potential to be a full beard, moving me from "threatening" to "very trustworthy."
(I think they are just jealous anyway)

Full beard, as would behoove any fine Victorian gentleman. I even have a few grey hairs in there, just for that distinguished look.

Full beard, but then again it is patchy, and doesn't grow as fast in places, but it's closest to Full beard on the scale.

Also in advance this isn't a serious group and isn't meant to taken so.

First issue at hand: where do you fall on the Meter?

I'm a blend of Unkempt and Patchy - never leave me alone with either money or your wife.

  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13
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