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To all those that lost my favourite... · 8:25pm Feb 24th, 2013

I have just removed one heck of a lot of favourites. I am really, really sorry about that to everybody. It has nothing to do with the quality of your stories or how much I have liked them... But I have decided I shall not read (or write) sexy pony stuff any longer. If your story had a mature tag, I removed it from my favourites, read later list, etc. It nearly broke my heart to de-favourite some of those fics, as I will have to honestly say that I loved every single second of it. Very much so.

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Hey! Thanks for the favorite! :yay: You wouldn't mind voting it up if you liked it, would you? :scootangel: *bighug*

Definitely let me know your thoughts! I love feedback! :heart:

123796 *Sigh* Damn my loyalness.....fine, but only if you add Derpy in your next story...and maybe a small bit of FlutterMac please if your into that pairing.

123790 Understandable, school comes first.

I wish. I am currently in the middle of my Grade 12 exams, so my attentions are elsewhere...

I would have liked to write another story, but I can't right now. :fluttercry:

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