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Pascal is an avid reader who is interested in trying his hand at writing fiction for fun.

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zel #1 · Nov 8th, 2012 · · ·

Fuck, my brain cannot even find right words to describe this. Using such simple setting to show the incredible concept.
I applaud you, this is the best fanfiction on this godforsaken site.


I was going to write some poopy diaper fetish foalcon with Nyx to troll everyone, but I decided on this instead, since I'd never tried to write anything without buckets of blood and semen in it.

Even though this is kind of similar to one of my other stories, I still thought this was good.

zel #3 · Nov 8th, 2012 · · ·

1580499 Seriously? As much as I liked your other stories, especially Immaculate Sin, this is on completely different level. I am not sure it this was what you were aiming for at the beginning, but...
Hell, i really like it. Shows a incredibly interesting approach to godhood, actually makes me think of one of my many theories, where there could be infinite gods that were created by even higher gods, and so on... A kind of layered universe.


I've always been a fan of taking things to their extreme, such as stories where the characters travel to the end of the universe, live for billions of years, etc.

This story was sort of inspired by Mormonism, where if you're good and white enough, you get to be the god of your own planet after you die and have sex with hundreds of wives, which sounds a lot better than the conventional Christian heaven, at least to me. I pity the poor bastards who'll have to live on Planet Romney, though.


1580587 Do you get a random planed distributed by some form of higher existence?
Also, if you are god of a world, at least in its envinroment, you are omnipotent. You could get rid of any Romneys and transform them into hot tanned chicks in bikinis.
(but then again, I am not sure how would you feel during the massive orgy with the knowledge that you are essentially fucking late Romneys)


I'm not as well read on Mormonism as I am on other religions, but I assume it would probably be against the rules to turn people into sexy chicks because Mormons are supposed to only have sex with conservatively dressed underage girls.

(Ok, since this is a teen-rated story, and all, let me point out that this comment is just a joke. I don't really think that all Mormons are pedophiles.)


1580628 A few a-little-more-clever guys could get together and overwrite the god to allow them to screw with whoever they want.
Can you bang a god? Is there a fetish for that?


Theophillia? It'd probably all be immaculate, so it doesn't sound like much fun. Unless you're talking about Aphrodite.


Mmm. Look at that tiny spot of T-rated side-boob. That could be shown on television!


1580684 Greece is probably all over it.

T-rated side-boob

I would call this T-sized boob.

Also, it appears we are forgetting someone.


Ah, yes. The pony butt-ass. I was forgetting.

Also, just a out of curiosity, have you clopped to any of my stories? I'd honestly like to know if you have.


1580716 I have to admit I clopped to MLS and was getting aroused few times during reading damn ponies.
But then again, I cannot be considered as a reliable source of statistics.


A lot of people would be creeped out by that kind of thing, but for some reason I think it's kind of awesome that I've inspired that.


1580754 I consider fiction such as "Cheerilee's Garden" far more stimulating than normal vanilla clopfics.

I do not even remember last time I actually fapped to something that could be considered "normal" in porn standards.


That's why we love you, Zel.

if your devotion Her

devotion to Her.

Other than that, I liked it. It was a nice example of infinite recursion.
Plus, the idea that everything comes from shit and goes back to it.

You need to do a blog post or something about the things you consider arousing. It would be most interesting.


Thanks for the catch, Fiddle!


Yes, you should. I would so read that.


1580941 This is actually pretty good idea. I shall spend next week preparing the list.

Is it me, or does that blue pony look like it has it's sex face on?

I kind of like this. It's quite sick in its descriptions, but not to the point where I think the author is doing it for laughs. It's bizarre and disturbing, but also intriguing. Thumbs up from me.

Holy fuck this was magnificent, you don't do things by half do you Pascal?


1584062 This has to become featured, one way or another. And I am going to fucking make this happen.


Wow, I'm glad you guys are liking this so much. It warms my cold, black, atheist heart. I'm kind of surprised, actually. I actually thought the idea was a bit cliche, maybe because I think about these kinds of scenarios so often.

I think I got kind of screwed for exposure, since it went online at around 2 am and quickly passed by, I didn't give it an image (thought I'd have more time to cook one up), and it's not a video game crossover with human on horse bestiality action featuring Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.

That's not really what I'm worried about, though. It was fun to write, and a few people got a kick out of it.

I certainly did.

Replace Nyx with Scootaloo and you have my fanfic. Also sorry bout that, I've wrote 6000 words of filly torture and scat, but I've fallen to procrastination once more. Expect it finished once it reaches around 8,000-11,000.


Ironically, they way you write scat is a perfect metaphor for constipation.


1584112 A lack of image could indeed have been the reason behind the lack of hits, I myself immediately skip any story that does not have a cover myself. I am such a shitty reader.

Also, I have been meaning to ask you, what do you make these abominations drawings in? I am quite interested.


First, I draw everything out on paper, then I scan it (or just take a picture with my phone, since I'm lazy) and put it into an older version of photoshop, since buying the newest one is some obscenely expensive price like $3000.

I make separate layers for all the shapes, so it's easier to edit what I want or fix mistakes. I like to paint with a brush at around 10-20% opacity, and build up tones with several strokes. It's pretty fun.

For some reason, I really enjoy making ugly things. I don't know why. When I see something that's really ugly, I start giggling uncontrollably. Maybe it's the same reason I like all those fics about rape and torture. They're so stupid, terrible, and offensive that the sheer wrongness makes me laugh.



First, I draw everything out on paper,


Why not just draw it normally with tablet directly on PC?

Also, SAI is better and almost free... Well, completely free if you use less mainstream medium //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Trixie_lolface_1.png

Or download GIMP. I have Photoshop CS6 myself and cannot do anything in it, except for some fucking around.


Don't have a tablet, and I just kind of like having the paper in my hand. I'll probably get a tablet eventually, but they aren't so useful that I just have to get one.


I can barely draw, and yet I bought it, you can even get a decent one for about 30$.
Not to mention paper lacks the great and powerful Ctrl+Z.

Pascal, that was fantastic. I don't want to know how you came up with the idea, but it's decidedly brilliant. BRILLIANT.

I mean, I understand it's for the TCC's Mindfuckery, but... wow. It's positively grotesque yet endearingly beautiful - it defies and redefines a poetic renaissance that I'd never thought existed.

All you bugs astonish me.

This is... this is...

Trixie and Sweetie Belle, Unicorn goddesses. That's just.... weird.

wait, you paint these on paper? I could have sworn they'd be digital.

Pascal, you magnificent bastard.

It all makes sense now.

After reading this and (somehow) making sense of it, I just have one question.

What the buck did they do? It obviously involved Celestia, but she certainly didn't seem to be hurt. I want to know what happened! :raritydespair:


They blasphemed Her holiness! Sinners deserve no mercy!

This story was written for a contest in a group where the prompt was "unfinished stories." Basically, we had to write a story but leave out the beginning, the middle, or the end. What really happened is best left to your imagination. The following is the original idea I was working with, but I don't consider it "cannon" with the story.

The story begins with Sweetie Belle encountering Spike outside the library. Twilight had kicked him out for giggling to loudly. When Sweetie asks him what's so funny, he shows her a book he found while cleaning: It's a book of "Copromancy," which is poo magic. Reading it, Sweetie Belle learns forbidden rituals to make people shit themselves. I think you can probably see where this is going.

It just so happens that the Princess is in town observing one of Trixie's magic shows. Suddenly, Sweetie Belle runs onstage and cast her spell. Celestia's ass explodes like a brown volcano, spraying shit everywhere. This makes Her very upset.

If eternal damnation for a little filly seems a bit excessive for a messy, but ultimately harmless prank, remember that in the context of this story, Celestia is more of a goddess than the loving monarch/sorceress/thing of the show, and therefor is more concerned with being endlessly worshipped and torturing those who anger Her than with caring for Her people, so an eternity of shit and only lashing out at one innocent bystander is actually pretty merciful by Her standards.

Well, I'm not going to lie: The opening was pretty hard to read the way it played fast and loose with the characters and then just jumped into the realm of the disgusting for no obvious reason.

But the ending was good and raised some interesting questions about the nature of the pony sisters.

The intro needs to be more descriptive In what place the ponies are in. The rest of the story is ok.:ajsmug:

That was fucked up.... But wowww... But fucked up, and a tinge melancholic. You get a moustache. :moustache:


This was very imaginative to say the least. I wonder if trollestia will be surprised if she ever visits to see how they are getting on. They can banish her in return, to an even more horrible existence than theirs'. Vengence can be sweet !!!


Well, they did end up as supreme goddesses of their own planet, so perhaps it was all worth it. Then again, they might someday become . . . uh . . . Trollxie and Sweetroll? Then banish one of their buggy ponies, and the cycle can begin all over again. Maybe that's where Chrysalis came from. Makes you wonder.


Even better, what if Sweetie Belle is Chrysalis, I have my suspicions that the crown on her head is made of enoki mushrooms.

Oh my god, I've been trying to find this story for literally years! I read it around the time I first signed up on FIMFiction, and then I could never find it again, and I was so sad because it's amazing. Thank you, Pascal, for making this. Thank you so much. :heart:

There is a special level of hell for people like you for writing this. But there's worse for people like me who loved it.

Yup. We're doomed.

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