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Imagine, if you will, being a small pet, unable to speak and surrounded by pastel horses. Imagine if you were barely taller than their kneecaps. imagine if, because of your inability to speak, you were forced to pantomime to get a message across, imagine if the horses could never understand your hand gestures, making life eternally difficult. If you were subjected to this torture for your entire life, don't you think you'd be a little grumpy?

That is the life of Angel Bunny. He isn't a saint by any means, but he's hardly deserving of all the hatred he recieves. That's what this group is for, to appreciate Angel for the good things he does. Because people all too often forget that he isn't just a bossy pet, but a close friend to Fluttershy, who cares deeply about her.

Let's give Angel some love!

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