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The Wandering Bard

"I am a singer, a poet, a musician, a storyteller. I am a bard at heart. That is who I am. That is what I shall always be." (Icon by atokota on FurAffinity)


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  • EThe Bird... or the Cage?
    They say that I must send my sister to the moon for one thousand years. They say that she is too far gone, and that it is for the best. But I cannot believe that. I refuse to believe it! Yet I still find myself asking... What if they're right?
    The Wandering Bard · 4.2k words  ·  71  1 · 2.3k views
  • EThe Earth Ponies' Specialty
    While visiting her hometown, a small filly approaches Lyric with a question. Unicorns have their magic and pegasi can fly, but is there anything that makes earth ponies special? Fortunately, Lyric just may have the answer.
    The Wandering Bard · 2.7k words  ·  37  0 · 806 views
  • EFlight
    Bat ponies. They are a part of Equestria just as much as any earth pony, unicorn, pegasus or alicorn. But where did they come from? Who were they before? One ancient tome, penned by an explorer of a time long past, tells all.
    The Wandering Bard · 8.5k words  ·  40  1 · 760 views
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  • EThe Story of the Stars
    Have you ever wondered how the stars in Equestria came to be? Then gather 'round and listen to my tale...
    The Wandering Bard · 1.9k words  ·  30  0 · 728 views
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