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26 years old (Male/Female idk how much I'm of both :P) Loves Twilestia and Twilunestia Storys like nothing else.

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Thanks for the watch and fav

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the favorite!!!

Thank you very much for following me good madame. :moustache:

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Just a Wish.

If anyone reads this an may be so generos to do this I would be Thankfull. Since Two Years know I can't get thos two Song's


out of my Head and everytime I listen to one of them, I would love to Read a Romance Story about NMM and Celestia based on One or even Both Songs. I know that's specific and if I could I would Write it my self.. but unfortunately if it comes too Romance I can't get a Grip on It and definitely not in Englisch. My Native Language is German and even there it's really Hard for me to Write those Properly and Realistic. So if someone is Interested just PM me or Surprise me.