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Equestria is dead. The sun and moon have stopped, and the planet is in ruins. The xenos that built the civilization are gone, their works in ruins. Investigating the planet, Interrogator Kylara makes a surprising discovery, one that might hold the key to what happened to this once-fair land - and what might be done to stop it. A Warhammer 40k crossover.

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Hey this looks good.

What's it a crossover of, though? :unsuresweetie:

What is this a crossover of?


Warhammer 40K, just look it up on Wikipedia.

>> << Needz moar boyz.

3538413 Oh yeah, I've heard of that.


In the grim darkness of the twenty first century, there is a nerd that has not heard of WH40K...

On another note, I find your profile pic strangely adorable.

Dis gonna be good.

Well, it could be Daemons and Chaos in general.
But the residual Warp energies should have been sensed by the psyker, especially if it was Chaos.

My guess?

All hail the Void Dragon.

Mandrakes. Calling it now and it's going to be Mandrakes at the very least, quite possibly an entire Kabal of Dark Eldar.

A great story that seems to be getting better and better. I do hope we'll get to see a lucid conversation with Twilight soon; better yet, I'd really love to see Twilight react to realizing she is on an Imperial ship- and then finding out why that's the worst place for her to be.


Not even a little? I mean it's a ship of the Inquisition- Chaos will tear your soul out, the Eldar will trap it. The Tyranids will eat you to the last drop of blood, while the Necrons will atomize you to the last molecule. But the Inquisition? Hehe, they'll make you talk; and beg to be handed over to any of the others. Either way, great read so far.


All I'm saying is that this isn't the worst place Twilight could be. After all, even the Inquisition has been known to spare xenos if they prove useful (see: jokaero).

Poor Twilight; all she wants are some friends. All she got was the Inquisition. I can say this has moved into my second favorite MLP/40K crossover, right after Ordinence is magic. Keep up the amazing work.

What use could a Xeno Psyker be to the Empire? It isn't loyal to the Emperor nor could it be sacrificed to aid Him.

3577504 What use are Jokero to the Empire? Especially as this little xeno can probably be convinced to aid the Inquisition, at least if the information it recieves is carefully censored.

You know what would be cool?
Chaos Orkz

3667162 But impossible. Orks, for whatever reason, can't be affected by Chaos so Chaos ignores them. No, I still put my money on Dark Eldar.

3667162 Going by the title illustration, and the attackers' modus operandi, they were Dark Eldar.
CSM would have been more open and Orks would have left no skins.

My money is on Dark Eldar.
Cover art anyone?

I would have to say Dark Eldar, because for it to be Orks they would have found a lot of scrap metal around, if it was Chaos they would still be there torturing everyone, if it was Necrons Twilight wouldn't have said that they found the apple family skinned alive mainly because the flayed ones would have taken the skins in the first place, and it isn't the Tau cause they don't do that kind of stuff. So all in all my money is on the Dark Eldar.

It's Necrons. Dark eldar would have left some of the ponies alive to torture and entertain them. Chaos it would have begun in cities. Orks would still be living there. Empire didn't know of its existence. Tyranids would have eaten everything. Eldar don't concern themselves with "lesser races". Tau would have assimilated them.

Necrons also appreciate terror tactics. By the way, when the Imperium encounters a non-hostile species, it either mskes them a protectorate or ignores them. Sometimes an extra fanatical commander may exterminate them, but usually no. Of course, in times of great need, the Imperium will exterminate one or more of those species in order to colonize their planets. Especially after an Imperial world or several were recently destroyed and they need a location for vast numbers of refugees.

Necrons, more specifically flayed ones. Equestria may have been a tomb world where a cadre of necrons who had the flayers sickness awakened first. This was like followed by a destroyer lord and their retinue. Also no bodies suggests the heavy use of gauss flayers.

Great story:pinkiehappy:.

Is Twilight going to tell them that Discord was a god(Spirit actually but...) of chaos and disharmony?
Cause that would pique their interest I should think.

Waiting eagerly for more:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Raul deleted Jun 18th, 2014
Comment posted by Raul deleted Jun 18th, 2014

I believe it could be a lictor created for a similar purpose as Deathleeper,
1-lictors do not eat the body so it actually can be the nids
2-terror tactics, that is exactly what Deathleaper was, why not another lictor
3-Dark ones, either that was the chomeneolic (I have no idea how to spell that) skin, or the color of the hive fleet, could happen
4-for all who say necrons, the world would be worse than a lifeless pit
5-for all who say Dark Eldar, they wouldn't completely wipe out a planet of life
6- Pretty much all other races are N/A for obvious reasons
That is my reasoning! Good day to you:moustache:

Gotta love tomb worlds.

I'd say Necrons, and I really hope it's them.
Though this mask in the picture looks like a Dark Eldar leader's bodyguard. :unsuresweetie:

Soooo, basically this just skips over everything important and flat out slams the reader with nearly everything is dead but Twilight.

And then spends most of the time slowly building up her torment, in a universe that is as F'd up as anything ever.

And I'm still supposed to care?

Sheesh, I could just write a story where Space Nazi's have gassed all the races on the planet in that case.

Oceans would likely not have dried up. A water planet in a tidally locked configuration at roughly Earth-relative habitable zone distances would not reach boiling temperatures as atmospheric and ocean current heat transfer would very efficiently move heat from the light to dark sides.

The twilight regions would be extremely stormy due to the unceasing clash of hot moisture-laden air rising rapidly over the colder, denser surface. These storms would not be cyclonic, due to the lack of a Coreolis effect since the planet no longer rotates.

>>>[It felt good to see the xenos realize just how insignificant its backwater planet had been.]>>>

Seriously, I want to invite Davros to send the Dalek armada and teach this entire universe a lesson with the Reality Bomb.

I don't think the rest of the omniverse will miss it.

I doubts its necrons, at least not an entire host. At most it would be massive uprising of flayed ones that dragged everything living on the planet into their weird meatspace pocket because every other group of necrons would have scoured the planet entirely of life, including microbes and such, while destroying anything in their way and they certainly would have been more then shadow creatures.

If you don't like the story and/or 40k universe, it's your opinion. Also, this fanfic has just been started, so let's wait and see what the author has planned for the rest of the chapters before judging the whole thing.

Aren't we talking about a planet with magic, fairy ponies managing the weather, moon and stars controlled by two alicorns, among other things?

You're overlooking the important fact that on Equis III, weather doesn't happen unless ponies *make* it happen. The fact is, if the planet were following the laws of physics as we know them, the moon would have crashed into the planet and finished off Twilight and everything else long before the Imperium arrived.

4575252 Yeah, but we're also talking about the Warhammer universe, and a planet that has had it's magical inhabitants slaughtered.

So regular effects of temperature, air pressure, and evaporation would take over.

4576195 Well, the other issue is that in the canon Equestria, the ponies move the Sun too. That's an absolute fact after the Tirek episode (It was a concrete fact before, but people kept doubting the evidence until Twilight sending the Sun on a wobbly path into the sky blew away all hope of plausible deniability.)

So we're dealing with a quasi-magical world with powers imposed upon a formerly normal solar system.

I'd expect simple things such as heat transfer and evaporation would simply occur because they're very basic effects.

In any case, the Sun simply wouldn't heat the oceans enough to evaporate them in a few decades. You're greatly underestimating the heat capacity of such massive bodies of water. It'd take decades simply to heat them to near-boiling at Earth-like distances.

How about we let the author decide how physics work in a magical solar system in his story?

You're arguing for our present-day interpretation of physics in a combined MLP/Warhammer 40k crossover, based purely on IU speculation. You may want to pause before you continue.

Terran Lord, I love this, keep up the great work.

We need a breakthrough with Twilight soon- this story is good but the last few chapters simply feel like repeats of each other. Twilight either needs to progress much further along in her tale, or maybe get exposed to the Imperium a bit and the 40k verse.

Still, glad to see this updated. Love the concept and execution; just wish we'd start making headway.

I'm guessing that your version of the imperium has yet to deal with the dark elder, as they seem to be a dead ringer for the ones who attacked.

Actually considering Kylara mentioned several time "piratical brand" of Eldar. That Imperium knows of Dark Eldar.
I am thinking this is rather Necron doing. But then again, I am not very familiar with all the W40k lore.

RL kept me busy for a while, but now I'm back and hopefully we can press forward at a reasonable pace.

The Imperium has met and tangled with all the varieties of Eldar there are. They just don't really see the difference between Craftworld, Dark, Corsair, and Exodite Eldar, despite these all being different factions. They're all xenos scum, after all. And, more specifically, they don't, or at least Kylara doesn't, really recognize that there is a difference between Eldar Corsairs and Dark Eldar at all. Blame the perpetual Eldar inability to give a straight answer to anything.

While it's important to keep a story going at a certain pace, I like how this one progressively sets the situation. The ponies have been struck, not by the most dangerous (in the galactic threat level), but by the most horrid and evil foe in W40k. Twilight sure needs time to recover enough for identifying the enemy after what happened.
10,000 words at this point are a good equilibrium between slow pace and rush, I think.
And I have seen other stories stalling.

This is getting better and better. You have become really good at creating a smooth blend of character exploration (the characters feel more 'natural' with each chapter), revealing the mystery and creating the atmosphere.

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