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The immaterium is an unpredictable and fickle aspect of reality, and "impossible" ceases to be a valid term when it is involved.

As such, when Twilight witnesses a fantastical cosmic event occur above Equestria, she immediately investigates. What she finds is nothing short of one of the most dangerous artifacts to ever make its way to the relatively peaceful realm of ponies: a blackened suit of massive armor, marked by the ouroboros.

Warhammer 40,000 crossover inspired by Blooms in the Dust.
Now with a sequel, Forged Anew!

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A side project that just kind of hit me while I was in a slump. Not complete yet, but I figured I'd establish a solid start before getting back to Edgewood.

This is really, really good.

Can't wait for more!


Thanks! Don't know when I'll get back to it, but considering how much I like how this is going, I definitely wont leave this one for terribly long :raritywink:

this is really awesome so far i can't wait to read more. I remember reading the fanfic that inspired this it was a very happy but sad fanfic

Simply... wow. Hook, line and sinker in one go. Im normaly not a fan of anything Tzeentch related but you succeded in catching my attention. Really looking foreward for future chapters.

Interesting concept. I'm intrigued as to how you can tell a conversation without any dialogue. I think it was brilliantly done and the pacing seems good.
And a piece of Nightmare Moon still lingers.:twilightoops:That's not good.
I do so hope you continue this.

Not gonna lie, I want to know what the hell is on that guy's head.

This is pretty much what Twilight has found.

This is becoming an interesting tale. Most of the time it's the full mane six that have found the 40K visitor(s) but it's kind of cool to see Twilight having some neat one-on-one interaction.

Looking forward to the updates.

4650299 Thanks! I was trying a new writing style for this story, focusing much less on dialogue and more on narration, and I like the way it turned out :raritywink:

4653033 Pacing has been a real challenge for me to nail down, so the feedback is awesome :ajsmug: With all the positive attention this story is getting I'd be a terrible author to leave it neglected!

So far so good! I've really liked the way the story has gone so far! It's not done yet, so I'll reserve myself for now. Depends on if a pony gets hurt and how much. Good for now though!

Pretty good fic. I've always imagined that twilight would get along with a follower of Tzeentch. Being an hybridized pony aka an "Alicorn", a powerful magic user and a seeker of knowledge.

:rainbowlaugh: their reaction: kill it-kill it-kill it!

But will the Rubricae follow the Warp Spawn, or stay true to it's last order?

Wow... for a diversion, this was a very satisfying read. Not really all that great at critizising in English myself, but even though the story is marked as finished I definitively wouldn't mind seeing more of this. Well, the best way to summarize would be short but sweet.

4705743 Thanks! I definitely appreciate the support. I can't make any promises, but if it strikes me, I might find it amusing to see how the battle-hardened Rubricae handles the day-to-day of Equestria, or how he gets along with the Royal Guard, etc. :raritywink:

4705764 Well, if inspiration strikes I suggest go for it! Keyword being "if", forcing inspiration is never a good idea. But I would be interested!

Rubricae in fics are super rare so i had to take a peek and i read all of this wonderful fic. :moustache:

4706016 Why, thank you! I've always had a thing for the sons of Magnus, and it seemed like a good idea, and now here we are :trollestia:

This was a short but amazing fic, this really needs a sequel or at least turned into a full epic.


I demand a sequel

4706228, 4706773, Haha I appreciate the enthusiasm! I can't promise anything but I have a few ideas floating around I might give a shot some time. :raritywink:



Thank you. I loved the premise of the story.

Keep up the awesome work!

This was one of the best warhammer fics I've read, the Rubicae aspect was unique and made for an interesting character. But now that Twilight has tapped the warp, will chaos soon follow? Great job. :pinkiehappy:

So! This is now among the few Warhammer 40K stories that I've finished and enjoyed to the end! Good stuff! :) I would like to see more of this little world...

4707755 Take your time pal, greatness can't be rushed.

Bravo. Three times Bravo to you good autor.
You gave us a highly enjoyable story with an, might I say, unique main character that was worth every god damn minute of reading it! And the end did an absolute number on my feels, yet it left me smilling.

THIS! WAS! AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

I'm honestly glad Twilight was able to best the daemon. Quite a few fics usually have the Equestrians completely useless against crossover threats. :ajbemused:

A great end. (Yeah, I could see Twilight having such a spell to save his life. He was pretty much a construct of sorts.)

Slice of Life Sequel. Something simple, nothing too heavy handed or violent, cause there will be some other daemons cropping up I suspect. What i would love to see is how the other Mane 6 and the Princess'es react to all this, what they were doing, and how they would feel about the Soul Bound Automaton that has become Twilight's new Companion. So many ideas could come of this, perhaps dealing with some Space Wolfs later on, to see how they react to finding one of their sworn Enemies in Equestria, as well as dealing with Equestria. But either way, fucking loved this story, this is my third time re-reading it so far and I just can't stop. :twilightsmile:

… aww, I liked that guy. Sure his alliance was to the Imperialist scum, but… I liked him. If only there was a spell that removed organic substances.

-Lightning \[T]/

Oh… he survived. I thought this would be a funeral.
Disregard my last comment! :derpytongue2:

-Lightning \[T]/

4724139 Haha wow, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: And that's pretty much what I have in mind. I'm not sure when I'll get around to writing more on this, but the response has been so positive, with requests for more, that I'm kind of excited at the thought of delivering :rainbowdetermined2:

Something is bugging me.
"Just shy of two meters" what was the reason to make twilight about six and a half feet tall?

4826039 Honestly, I have a few explanations I could be giving, but I'm going to go with the two most direct and honest.
One, measured from the tip of the horn, and maybe accounting for alicorn growth. The amount of time passed since the battle against Tirek is not specified.
Two, author's preference/error. Because I was more focused on character interaction than technical aspects like measuring height in exactitude.

Well...I'd like to say I enjoyed it, but this felt more like a blueprint to a fic in the works. It didn't feel whole, missing a lot of moments to get me attached, it was more like "here's how this story will go. Now to add the details."

So with that, I will say good idea, I hope it gets fleshed out.

4828159 This was intended to follow in the spirit of its inspiration, conveying depth with brevity. I've tried the long-winded approach to exposition, but I've found my skills well suited to providing the fuel for the reader's imagination, much like the inspiration.

Also, I looked back at the 2 meters issues, and I'd like to point out two details:

One, there was no "just." The exact phrasing was "Equine, shy of two meters tall." It was not specified how shy of two meters, and his instinct and upbringing would demand he compare anything to a rough analogue to human height, two meters.

Two, the conversation occurred within a mental construct equivalent to the dreamscape and his perception was purely psychic. As such, her level of magical power/aptitude may have colored his perception of her in the ether.

Huh, noted. Thanks for the response.

A very good read. I am hoping of a sequel.

Wow! This was really good, thoughtful, and really well written! The demon could have used a bit more character development -I would have loved to see him meet Discord- but I really like how you wrote and developed the two main characters (mainly the Rubicae).

Very good storie thanksfor sharing it

Greatly enjoyed the story, excellent work!

4725803 Care to repeat that, heretic?

Oh boy that Rubric Marine is probably going to be wrecking face in a bit!

Whatever happens don't tell Magnus. Or else the greatest nerd in the 41st Millennium (Yes beating out Tzeench and Trazyn the Infinite) MIGHT ACTUALLY FUCKING DO SOMETHING!!!

7129214 Someone needs to start reading the sequel in the works :trollestia:

4725803 The Thousand Sons were Tzeentch Chaos by the time of the Rubric conversion.

Eh, this has potential, but this Twilight's pretty far to the left on the sliding scale of idealism. Outraged by the destruction of a manticore? Even in non-Dark versions, the Everfree beasties are generally portrayed as pony-eaters.

she could see had had been a scholar.

I believe that should be he had been.

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