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XCOM Record: Operation: Rising Star
11:52 am, 18th Febuary, 2016
Northwestern Territories, Canada.

Summary: Witness reports contact with extra-terrestrial creature. X-ray is unconcious and unresponsive. X-ray does not match description of previously observed species.

Response: Strike-One dispatched on high alert, orders are to recover X-ray alive. Alien Containment prepared for the new arrival.


The war ended. They were beaten back, their mothership destroyed, their command structure in ruins. Lost ships and soldiers continued in vain, but thanks to XCOM, humanity won, and the world was saved. The Volunteer saw to that - everything changed because of one man.

And then suddenly, everything changed again. Only this time, it's not a man's doing - it's a mare's.

Proofreading by the aweome Setokaiva, entirely without me asking!
Tagged Dark and rated Teen: Gore, because there is going to be some blood shed by the end of this.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 976 )

This is pretty darn good so far. I'm liking the `dazed twilight` situation, I just hope they don't shoot her right away. Also this reminds me a little bit about dead space and the effects the marker had on people......hmmm twilight markel.... dibs.:rainbowwild::raritywink::derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug:

This chapter, I like it, ANOTHER!!

One can't really make a X-Com story without at least teen rating. And the gore tag for safety.
*Jumps into reading.*

I remember when I beat my first game...
Remember watching Turtle McHardhat Signal his only remaining Squadmate to leave...
I salute thy bravery, McHardhat. You will be missed...

I think you missed the group for the X-Com and UFO stories...
X-PONY/X-COM: The Extraterrestrial Combat Unit

Thanks for the feedback, guys! Chapter 2 is underway!

Glad to see a update, I was afraid you where going to make the xcom opratives over powered in the fight, you pulled writing a good fight.

Thanks! Combat write-ups are one of the things I can bee good at if it's brief. Drawn-out fights start to get repetitive after a while (but then, ideally, fights should be kept short anyway).

0 Missions
0 Kills.

10 bucks says the rook panics!

>Is a Captain in-game
>Is a Captain in-fic
>Has a pretty darned decent Will score
>Still cries like a bitch with the slightest provocation in-game
You win yourself a virtual cookie.


Personally, I think Twilight Sparkle alone being able to defend herself so well against SIX X-COM operatives is a little bit silly.

Good update but update faster..... if you dont mind:pinkiehappy:

I definitely want to see more

Note that she lost in less than thirty seconds, and only three of them actually opened fire on her. As for Pimenov... engaging Twilight Sparkle in any sort of power contest (without atrifacts) seems like a pretty bad idea to me.

Sat in the middle of a ton of coursework atm, but I'm finding time where I can.

Awww sweet tacos, chapter 2!!

This is really good stuff. Great writing and you can really see the game elements without it being robotic. Looking forward to chapter 3.

Magical items and the like, such as the Alicorn Amulet or anything that would fill the same role.

...Magic Duel? The thingy Trixie's using to boost her magical power tenfold so that she can beat Twilight in a contest?


Ermm, I don't know what you're talking about.

It was an episode?

Never mind. By "Atrifacts" I meant anything that would add to the magical strength of the person using it.

I was playing XCOM when I got the email saying this updated...
You sir, have good timing.

The part that worries me is the interrogation.
XCOM's methods are rather... invasive. Their subjects don't survive the process.
Unless they can bridge the language gap, they won't realize Twilight's innocence until they're pumping electricity through her brain. :fluttershysad:

I figure I can justify them using a somewhat less-lethal method to poke around in her head; this is the first unicorn they've found, and the war's over. If this one dies on them, where the hell are they going to find another? (I see the interrorgation as observing brain patterns in reaction to external stimulus - having a good psion on hand will probably stop it being quite so lethal).

I thought that they dont die during the interrogation and they just kill them after they are done getting the info.
Oh well, good thing Twilight will get 'special' treatment!:pinkiecrazy:

When will the next chapter come out, if your not too busy?

I've got coursework coursework coursework over the next few weeks, but I'll be writing when my muse hits me (read: when I work out what's going to happen next).

Dr. Vahlen... she can creep me out when it comes to speak about power...

Dr. Vahlen has a poor imagination. Everything's "unimaginable"-- I mean, damn girl, use a different descriptor once in a while! Unprecedented, paradigm-shifting, something! >_<

That said, I enjoyed this so far. Hopefully it's still alive. >_>

Yep! I've got a good idea of where the story's going... about four chapters from here. I'm not exactly sure what to have happen next. Obviously, there's going to be a good deal of the research team testing Twilight's magic, but I'm not sure whether to put it from twilight's perspective, or write it as lab reports, SCP style. Probably the latter, since Twilight's going to have her own observations to think about.

I find it a bit of a op Twilight here. Bullet through the head can kill anything. Respect her, yes. Fear her power, yes. Think she's unkillable? No.

It didn't go through: Deadeye aimed slightly above her, realising that a direct shot would just bounce off of her telekinetic shield. Also, it's technically not a bullet but a searing bolt of plasma, which is really only worse for you and can melt steel - which is why setting a shot six inches wide still smouldered her hair a little.

I'm looking at the Xcom wiki and it seems your setting her up to be Ethereal-ishly powerful. Again, just sounds a little op to me.

:applejackunsure: Yes while she may be a bit op you also have to remember a fundamental part of MLP. Twilight is the embodiment of the element of magic while also being Celestia's personal protege. Having a cutiemark of magic certainly doesn't hurt either. if anything she is overpowered in her own universe and she has just finally been challenged in this one.

Also please write more Axquirix, this is pretty damn good so far. :heart::pinkiecrazy:

I guess I'm just weary when this happens. Next thing you know she's so powerful that she rips open her restraints, but acts reasonable with the humans and after a moment of surprise the humans will be reasonable too and see the error of their ways. Then they team up and own the Etherals & Co. after which the Etherals discover Equestria which they plan to take over. Then all the elements of harmony and the new elements of x-com team up for a battle royale against Discord, Chrysalis (or whatever), Sombra, Nightmare Moon, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Now yes, I am using exaggeration, but I've seen this formula to many times. I'd like some character development with my ponies please. But I'm still willing to give this story, like every other similar one, a chance to make me eat my words. I sincerely hope Axquirix doesn't dissapoint.:twilightsheepish:

Yeah no one likes a mary sue and all that so no pressure Aquirix from us. :trollestia:

Good luck, and remember. We will be watching. :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

You got one plot point right. Exactly one. Have fun figuring out which.

I'm definately continuing this, but it's on hiatus for a little while due to exams.

That even one of those predictions are fulfilled makes me skeptical.

But as I said, I won't throw up my hands in disgust just yet. Prove me wrong!:pinkiehappy:

I will be handling said point -very- carefully. Also, I have basically no plans on saying exactly how Twilight wound up in the XCOMverse, because anything involving Twilight Sparkle and teleportation gone wrong has been done to death already, and besides, it wouldn't add anything but exposition, which there will already be plenty of for more important plot points.

Grade: D+
While the initial reports of the project were... promising, the lack of update during the last eight months was causing the funding nations to grow more and more uncertain about the value of this research project. If no more meaningful discoveries or breakthroughs can be made, we will have no choice but to discontinue this project and terminate the subject.
Remember, we will be watching.

Great! :pinkiehappy:
I am worried through where you will go with this story...

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