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An amatuer writer with editing experience, my quill is dedicated to exploring the equine condition and entertaining with stories of heroes, villains, triumph and tragedy. Buckle up, everypony.


Edgewood is a quaint farming community lying beyond the Appaloosan Mountains and the Forest of Leota. As such, it is but a short way from the changeling domains. The boldest residents banded together and formed a town militia, members of which are granted the title warden. Sparkhorn, a young unicorn artificer, has long desired to join their ranks. His best friend is a carefree pegasus stallion and town weather manager, Skyrocket. While both are longing for a bit of adventure, each has a much more personal goal. But much as life in Equestria shimmers, trouble always seems to brew. With a new visitor in town and a threat looming over Canterlot, the two young adventures may very well get their wish...

The story begins shortly before the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" and continues past the coronation of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Hang on to your hats, folks, we're going on an adventure!

New awesome cover art courtesy of AskFirestarterSpitfire!

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Hmmm... Interesting. I want to see where this goes.
Fav just 'cause i can!

I haven't seen a good adventure story in a while, and this is shaping up to be excellent. I'll be keeping an eye on it, that's for sure.

Thanks, Javyero! Hopefully I wont keep you waiting too long for the next chapter :twilightblush:

I look forward to more.

Thanks for the support, everypony! Here's hoping you enjoy the ride :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Valdor deleted Jun 5th, 2014

Btw, Spinach Lasagna is delicious. And I'm glad we avoided any awkward SAO style cousin love triangles.

You had my curiosity with 'Infiltrator.' NOW, you have my attention. :pinkiehappy:

Finally caught up, but how is this going to interact with 'Infiltrator?'

5594243 Already has, if you put the pieces together. It occurs shortly before the ending of chapter four, and is why you might notice it's just Sparky and Drill in the house

5594372 I mistyped. How will what Alate is referring interact with what we see here?

Emerald magic? Acting oddly? Hm. And changelings were already mentioned...


Seriously, though. That's a really cool wave-motion cannon there.

All caught up and hungry for more! Wondering what his ‘Cousins’ mission here is, and why she was assigned it if she so obviously doesn’t want it.

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