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An amatuer writer with editing experience, my quill is dedicated to exploring the equine condition and entertaining with stories of heroes, villains, triumph and tragedy. Buckle up, everypony.


Schedules, Sleep, and Stories · 10:28am Jan 9th, 2018

TL;DR: keeping the word count rising; schedule's getting weird again. Thank you all, deeply, for your support!

The long version:

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Sudden Silence · 1:22pm Feb 22nd, 2016

TL;DR - I'm super sorry I haven't been updating!

So for anyone who bothers to read my drivel, you'll notice the frequent updates for Forged Anew have suddenly and, barring this post, inexplicably dropped. Allow me to explain.

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Sincerest Apologies · 3:18pm Sep 14th, 2014

I want to shout out to anypony who bothers following me with a heartfelt apology for being a lazy, procrastinating ass. I have been neglecting Wardens and have made little progress towards the sought after sequel to From Dust. Forgive me! T-T

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From Dust: Complete! · 11:36pm Jul 16th, 2014

First completed story, woo!

Seriously though, I'm happy I finally have a project I consider concluded to satisfaction. I can tell it has some rough edges, but it is definitely much more refined than my first attempt at writing the last chapters. Yeesh, it gets a bit hectic at work and my writing takes a hit...

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Update and Edgewood Ch. 3 · 2:51pm Jun 5th, 2014

Hey everypony! Finally got Chapter Three of Edgewood up. The plot thickens... Check it out here!
Wardens of Edgewood: Chapter Three

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Hell... It's About Time. · 6:37am May 3rd, 2014

So I took down the first bits of the story I've been working on because they were, well, not up to the vision I have for my story. So I pulled them down and I'm starting over. I have a notebook filled with ideas and outlines now, so I think it's about time I got back to working on it.

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