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An amatuer writer with editing experience, my quill is dedicated to exploring the equine condition and entertaining with stories of heroes, villains, triumph and tragedy. Buckle up, everypony.

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This story is a sequel to Forged Anew

Twilight has earned the trust and loyalty of both Hesperos, a former Rubricae of the Thousand Sons, and Te'kan of the Salamanders. In the idyllic realm of Equestria, the need for such mighty warriors is nonexistant. However, outside Equestria's borders are lands wild and dangerous. Worse, the galaxy the astartes call home has not forgotten them. Together they face the final fate planned for them deep within the maelstrom of the warp.

A Warhammer 40,000 crossover.

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This story is a sequel to From Dust

Twilight Sparkle is many things, but above all else, she is a friend. Her most recent acquaintance is, however, a most unusual sort.

Never before has Equestria played host to a traitor space marine of the Adeptus Astartes.

As an armor-bound soul with a body burned to naught but ash and dust, how will this former being of war fit into the love and harmony of the pony domains?

Surprisingly well, all things considered.

A Warhammer 40,000 crossover.

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Brand is a step above his brothers and sisters, vassal to the youngest lady of one of the most renown changeling noble houses and trained infiltrator and bodyguard. He travels to Edgewood to deliver news to his lady charge while she is undercover, and retrieve her report for her elder sisters. Along the way, he reflects upon the ponies he is surrounded by, and grabs a snack or two along the way...

Occurs concurrently with Chapter 4 of The Wardens of Edgewood.

Entry into the Equestria Daily "Outside Insight" fanfic contest.

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The immaterium is an unpredictable and fickle aspect of reality, and "impossible" ceases to be a valid term when it is involved.

As such, when Twilight witnesses a fantastical cosmic event occur above Equestria, she immediately investigates. What she finds is nothing short of one of the most dangerous artifacts to ever make its way to the relatively peaceful realm of ponies: a blackened suit of massive armor, marked by the ouroboros.

Warhammer 40,000 crossover inspired by Blooms in the Dust.
Now with a sequel, Forged Anew!

Chapters (6)

Edgewood is a quaint farming community lying beyond the Appaloosan Mountains and the Forest of Leota. As such, it is but a short way from the changeling domains. The boldest residents banded together and formed a town militia, members of which are granted the title warden. Sparkhorn, a young unicorn artificer, has long desired to join their ranks. His best friend is a carefree pegasus stallion and town weather manager, Skyrocket. While both are longing for a bit of adventure, each has a much more personal goal. But much as life in Equestria shimmers, trouble always seems to brew. With a new visitor in town and a threat looming over Canterlot, the two young adventures may very well get their wish...

The story begins shortly before the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" and continues past the coronation of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Hang on to your hats, folks, we're going on an adventure!

New awesome cover art courtesy of AskFirestarterSpitfire!

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