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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Grievous

The brutal Clone Wars have at last come to an end. The Separatists are no more, and from the ashes of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire has emerged. Now, the ponies of Equestria must choose their path through a dark and terrible time.

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Cover art by Mix-up over at his his deviantart.

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And there's that sequel!

oh boy well welcome to the empire era twilight

And this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.



Death star = equestria dead

Interesting chapter and I can't wait for the next one but a few questions, I doubt Luna would join the Galactic Empire that quick. First off the Separatist would have died off since Anakin has already defeated Count Dooku and obi wan would have already killed General Grievous since this is after Anakin turned into Darth Vader so I doubt they would have anymore reason to have that alliance seeing how they joined them was so they would have allies if the Separatist was to ever attack them again but now they are no more. One last reason is Luna would be able to tell that the Galactic Republic would be evil seeing how all the jedi would be dead by Sidious . I doubt Luna would turned to the dark side since sees already been in that direction once with nightmare moon. Maybe Everything I just said didn't happen since them joining Equestria has changed everything but those are my thoughts so far.

It has begun. It seems the ponies changed absolutely nothing with the movie cannon. Grevious is most likely dead. Vader has risen. Clones are now Storm. Still about 2 decades or so until A New Hope, so that can still change.

She didn't join the Galactic Empire. Her planet requested emergency admission to the Galactic Republic months ago, and joined its successor state by default. And why do they stay? Because they need the aid, and because leaving sounds suspiciously like... separatism.

5624948 Don't speak of the good general in that manner!

5624979 Sidenote: Please tell me you are going to keep the good general alive.....please?:pinkiehappy:

You would think any fleeing Jedi would head to Equestria...

5625069 Equestria has a HUGE Republic turned Empire presence at the moment due to reconstruction efforts. That'd be a bad move for the jedi.

......this, will not end well....

Ooh, I love it so far.

Just one thing:

insane, almost inhuman vigor.

Well of course, seeing as Shining isn't a human. Then again, I think the word you're looking for is "inequine."

Contrary to Luna’s approach, once he was able Shining had thrown himself back into the task of governing with insane, almost inhuman vigor.

What is this insanity?

What a bombshell to start the story on.

Much faster turnaround than expected.

Yes! It's happening, folks! That's right! A SEQUEL!

Thank goodness for you! :D

If Palpatine intends to use the ponies and their magic, I do believe he will treat them better than he does other non-humans. After all You attract more flies/bees/(ponies)/whatever with honey than with vinegar. And it was how Palpatine got Anakin, after all. So he'll take care of them, make them dependent on him, etc. And I can't help but think we'll be seeing a "Darth Nocturna" before the end of this.

Also I'm kind of surprised that either Shining Armor or Luna didn't opt for cybernetic augmentations. They may have very vast reason to despise Grievous, but you cannot deny how effective he was in combat with his augments.

SEQUEL! I was hoping for this!

This sure doesn't start well, not surprising though, considering how the previous story ends.
And with the birth of the Empire, I highly doubt this will go better for the ponies. If we consider how the Empire treats non-humans (for example the Wookies being enslaved, and sent to build the Death Star), the ponies are going to get a very bad surprise. Not to count their already sorry state. I fear Sidious will soon want to take their most powerful Force/magic users, to use them as he sees fit.
Don't give up, ponies, and join the Rebel Alliance when it appears, and become Jedis, and buck the Empire's flank hard!

First of all, ponies have no idea that Sidious is behind the war or of the connection between Sidous and Dooku. If Luna is falling to the dark side and Palpatine offers to tutor her she has no reason to refuse him.

Part of me knows the Ponies are going to side with the Rebellion, but I can't help but root for the Empire.

Stability and Order to an untamed galaxy sounds very pony to me!

Did no one catch this?

To the unicorn, he had failed grievously and the only atonement that could be made was to run himself ragged until he dropped of exhaustion in order to protect the nation.

Also I really want to see Luna become sith and take Equestira from her sister and Twilight. Twilgilight's brother, in his new paranoia, would be a great lieutenant for her.

Oh and I want her to come in contact with this thing

Told you it would be the the galactic civil war! :pinkiehappy:

5626785 But we already know Luke Skywalker kicks the Empire's ass in about 20 years.


So Luna is going to become an Imperial Inquisitor. I wonder if either Jerec or the Inquisitor from Rebels will be playing a major role in her new occupation.

Also, I'm still hoping that Luna will be able to form some kind of meaningful friendship with Vader.

5625829 Augments? Current state, Equestria can't afford that kind of tech.

5627306 Friendship with Vader? Ehhhh maybe a common respect once she becomes an Inquisitor but anyone making a meaningful friendship with Vader wouldn't be.
Also. Two chapters in one day? The Force flows through this author indeed!

Foreshadowing HO!

5627343 While I agree it wouldn't be a typical friendship. It still could possibly happen.

It has been established that Vader does care about the people that earn his respect. The best example of this would be probably be Erv Lekauf. So when Luna does somehow manage to earn Vader's respect. I can easily see him watching her back and doing all that he can to keep her safe from Palpatine's schemes.

As for the reasons Luna could respect Vader for. One good one would be that he would never order her to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. Another one would be that he would have no qualms fighting alongside her in the heart of any battle.

5627550 While it fits with Vader you have to remember Lunas supposed hatred of the Empire, more specifically how useless it makes her feel, so her end of the deal would start off rocky. You mentioned Vader not ordering anyone to do what he wouldn't do himself. Guy isn't all that upstanding with morals. Even ignoring all the youngling killing in RoTS and focusing solely on Original Trilogy deeds.

Damn. Equestria can't catch a break. :fluttercry:

As a fan of the Wraith Squadron novels in the X-Wing books I love seeking the Iron Fist show up! So is the future Warlord abord or is he not stationed here yet?

5627574 I have a feeling that Luna's desire for power will gradually diminish her hatred for the Empire. And if the only way that she can regain even a fraction of her powers is through the Dark Side. There's a really strong possibility that she'll willingly commit deeds just as bad as the ones Vader did to "protect" all that she loves.

I wonder what Luna's reaction will be when she finds out Tarkin is a Grand Moff?

I have high hopes for the story considering how the last one was marvelous.


5627634 I was just about to comment on that myself.

I think Vader needs to be hit with an Anti-Orbital Friendship Laser. Then he and Luna could be friends.

Will Twilight be a significant character in this story, or is she going to play the same sort of minor role she did in Friendship is Grievous? I'd like to see her recruited by the Inquisition along with Luna, but perhaps Twilight doesn't have the right personality for the role.

Heavens Above, PLEASE let Equestria be left alone.

Luna on the way to become Imperial Inquisitor, Celestia being promoted Imperial Governor... Nice days ahead...

I think she could be a promising recruit with her power ; and with what happened to her family, she might easily give in to the Dark Side. Though, what of Spike? Would she leave him behind, and who would take care of him?

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