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This story is a sequel to I Have Returned

Five years after the Death of Princess Celestia, humankind and ponykind share a struggling peace. A rebellious army of ponies wanting to return Equestria to its former state called the 'Sun Order' are wreaking havoc across the planet. Fearing for the safety of her planet and the ponies who support the UNSC, President Luna receives aid in the form of Kilo-Five, now lead by Jane Arimondo. Their mission, find out where the 'Sun Order' is hiding and eliminate them. Meanwhile Spartan Crimson is on a lone mission to track down a insurrectionist trading route, and put a stop to it. Little do Jane and Crimson know that their paths may soon cross again, as an evil plot silently unfolds in the darkness....

Chapters (4)
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Looks like a really good start to me:ajsmug:.

Shame you're not part of the brony community anymore... and I don't know the motive:ajsleepy:; but I'm glad you have the passion for the Halo series still:pinkiesmile:.

I do hope this story will get approved so that everyone else can see this. It's an honor to be the first person to read this unpublished:twilightsmile:. I just hope I don't end up being the only reader if it continues to fail moderation:fluttershysad:.

6518182 Even if this fic never gets through, I can always upload it to fanfiction.net. Speaking of fanfiction.net, if you are eager to read some of my other work, here is a link to the other story I am currently working on.

Is that jane armor in pic of story

Damm the first chapter is awesome can't wait for the next one

6520348 thanks it looks awesome. It's gen 2 armor aren't it

Most other species bowed down out of fear to the humans that now ruled their planet, all except for the Griffons. From the start they challenged humanities rule over the planet, and were almost completely obliterated in all but one short battle, a testament to how advanced the human race was.

Wow, and we would be the heirs of the Forerunners and the new bearers of the Mantle? :ajbemused: That's what humanity has become? We barely survived a war against an empire of xenophobic aliens, only to become ourselves an empire of xenophobes who kill everyone who oppose to our expansion through the galaxy? This is not what humanity should be, this is the twisted version that we would become if we follow ONI doctrine. We should be better than this.

But hey, if people want the umpteenth story about human supremacy, so be it.

any chance we get to know how the other elements coped with the lost of magic, and what are they doing now?

Awesome start. Can't wait for more.

6522090 You're a little off the mark there. More details on why some of the races choose to go under humanity's rule will be expanded upon. I'll say one thing for now though. They bowed down to humanity because of fear, but not the fear you are thinking off.

Exceptional story and a great continuation of the series .. Mods take note this is how you make a sequel and actually stick to a crossover timeline .

6522175 it doesn't matter why THEY bowed down it's why WE made them bow or reacted when they didn't. Humanity are the villains in this

6522175 Considering the killing spree of Twilight when she arrived in Canterlot, and the unprovoked invasion of the Crystal Empire in the previous story, I don't find that kind of fear of humanity unmotivated. From how I see it, the only reason they accepted the rules of the UNSC after the disappearance of magic is to avoid the complete collapse of their society.
It's your story and you have all right to write what you prefer, but I'm sorry, I'm unable to see this story as well as its prequel as nothing more than a glorification of humankind. The story justify the actions of the UNSC, even the most morally deprecable, only because:
- they're humans,
- they have the advantage of technology,
- and they have the bigger guns, thus they can do as they please.

6522483 You're a little off the mark there too.

6522490 Either way thanks for the read, and I'm sorry it wasn't too your liking.

not being related enough to MLP

It has ponies from the show, follows some of the story, what more do they want?

it dosnt even show up under your stories..... hmmm thats clever makes people need to read the previous instead of reading this one first...

6541183 Actually it's because fimfiction declined the story stating that it wasn't related enough to MLP.


Greetings 'I Have Returned' fans. As you already probably know 343 has just announced spartan companies for Halo. With that I have created a Spartan company based around 'I Have Returned'. If I can get enough people to join, I will host game nights on Halo following each new chapter released of 'I Have Returned 2: The Broken Ones'. P.M. me your gamertag if you want an invite!

6550284 LunarRepublican (obviously:trollestia:)

I haven't yet registered an account on Halo Waypoint yet, but I will get around to it:twilightsmile:.

6550522 Halo waypoint runs off of your Microsoft account. So if you have Xbox live, you have a waypoint account.

6550284 damm sorry I can't involve in this don't have any account or flatform to play

6550671 Just make sure to sign into waypoint soon so you can accept the invite I sent to you!

6560268 First I gotta find my Microsoft account name and password. I haven't taken the time to look at or memorize it:ajsleepy:.

So, is the story visible now or what?

“Over the last seventy two hours five colonies have experienced identical events. Massive destruction, Forerunner in origin.

I'm guessing of a probability of a Guardian located somewhere on Equestria?:duck:

7029147 It just got past Fimfiction moderation, so it now is!

Finally the chapter have arrive. This is goods as ever. Is jane the captain of the ship.

7031694 Yes, Jane is both the captain of Port Stanley, and the current leader of the Kilo-Five black ops team.

I'm sill bitter over spending $200 and not getting scout helmet in halo 5 :fluttershyouch:


I see doom of UNSC are start to countdown... As well as beginning of story line of Halo5.

.....I hope this fic redeems Twilight in some way or form.

I don't like osman not sure why

Interesting chapter is the pony crimson kill use unsc armor or forerunner.

Yes your back. Im hoping that you have her fight AJ and Rainbowdash but have maybe be a friendly fight. They don't have too be friends but just have them have a fight. Maybe with Luna coming in last second and see them fighting and she thinks Jane is trying to kill them or hurt them. Just an idea

“Any casualties?”

“None from the current report, injuries on the other hand, yes.

Injures are casualties. Casualties are anyone hurt. Fatalities are people killed and are also tallied under casualties.

The A.I.’s name was Iris, a black haired human female wearing a leather biker suit.

I get the feeling she chose that avatar solely for how out of place it is in an office.

With Equestria now being under the UNSC, they also had to follow human law which meant mandatory clothes.

Which the Equestrians will likely eventually speak out against pointing out cultural norms and that they should have the right to determine clothes or no clothes for their own species and especially their own planet. Currently, both they and the UNSC probably aren't bothering with any of that because they are just too busy with far more important matters.

They were a small but powerful rebellion, using guerrilla tactics to slowly hurt the new Equestria and the UNSC.

Not enough to do more than make it to Equestria's news reports and not enough to go beyond the local UNSC commander's desk.

Nobody knows where they’re located, only that their base is somewhere hidden in the northern mountains of Equestria.

Then why not MAC those mountains to collapse them on the rebels or even glass the mountain range? Oh God, I would be the ultimate dictator.


Besides or including the fact she becomes a filthy traitor who nearly causes another extinction war for humanity and outright betrays humanity later (though she never saw it that way)? Oh, and her sheer stupidity in targeting Halsey and extreme mis-management of the Janus Key situation.

So, the Insurrectionists didn't realize those two, seven-foot tall guys are Spartans? Too dumb to live.

Ah, glad it's not dead.

I wish I could, but I don't have any Halo games and I only have a PS3. Tis my side life.

Oh well, I'll probably buy the next Halo game once I get an Xbox One.

I don't feel sorry for Twilight at all in this story in fact hate her a little.
Her nervous little break down and paraniodia caused so much damage while I'm glad she expose Princess Celestia how it came to be in the first place....

well, no one ever does anything for it's own sake, everyone has ulterior motives. that is the nature of life.

I never understood the antagonism against Halsey from the public. The Innies were nuking major cities and everything the UNSC tried either failed or made the situation worse by making the Innies more desperate with WMDs. The SPARTAN-II Program was necessary and it saved billions of lives. Those who are unwilling to do what it takes to survive either do not deserve to survive or have chosen to die and have no right to drag other people down with them.

No, you’re too selfish to deserve that.

What she did was to save countless lives who deserve to live by having earned it. It was very selfless as she knew she would likely be executed for her actions but did it anyway for the sake of saving lives.

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