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With the Clone Wars long over and the Galactic Civil War not yet begun, Emperor Palpatine has focused the Imperial Military on pacifying the regions on the edges of the Galaxy and expanding the reach of the Galactic Empire. The Unknown Regions have long been separated from the rest of the Galaxy by the Hyperspace Disturbance, but determined scout groups still manage to find routes to explore the strange worlds beyond. One such expeditionary force has stumbled upon a world that seems ideal for human habitation, but there's just one problem - it's inhabited, and the local alien population is proving far more difficult to subjugate or remove than expected...

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The Empire versus Ponies... this should be interesting.

I'd prefer if it was mlp crossed with the Star Wars Legendverse, but I'll take it.

You mean the old Legends continuity? It is - I don't think the Hyperspace Disturbance, the Vindicator-class, the Chiss Ascendancy, the Trilon Sector, or the Manka cat exist in Disney's continuity. Or (going off your avatar and namesake) did you mean the KotOR era?

7119485 Oh good then. I thought that this was a crossover with Star Wars Rebels. But if it is the legendverse, then I'm on board all the way.

New Chapter :) and it is getting good : More please!

This is getting good.

Admiral Gavrisom quickly reassessed the situation as the Royal Sisters stepped beside Discord, their eyes and horns glowing with power. He immediately understood how the ponies had managed to create a modestly advanced civilisation without any Industrial-Era technology. He had served alongside Jedi many times during the Clone Wars, had even once met Grand Master Yoda, and of course knew the stories of Darth Vader’s power. But the level of strength in the Force that was on display here was far beyond anything he had ever seen or even heard of before. There was really only one rational response. “General Aerin,” he said, “it appears that we have made a gross miscalculation. We will not be claiming this planet for the Empire. Recall your men.”
“WHAT!?” the belligerent general practically exploded with rage. “I absolutely will not retreat! I don’t care what it takes, these aliens must be shown that nobody gets away with disrespecting –”
“That is an order, General,” Gavrisom cut him off. “I am invoking command code Base Delta Zero. Get back up here. Now.”

Hmm. Good call Admiral Gavrisom.

But, I don't think the Empire is going to give up yet.

For some reason I kept finding myself arguing for the Empire's side to the point I had to stop myself, I'm weird like that I guess.

Also, does anyone else suddenly want to see Grand Admiral Thrawn vs. Ponies?

Good. I'm hoping to make everyone question their morality a little by the end of this. If you can't sympathize with a human villain at least a little, the villain isn't a realistic human.

Thrawn vs ponies would probably end with either Equestria willingly joining the Empire of the Hand (Thrawn's just charismatic as hell like that), or Thrawn realizing that taking them over isn't worth the effort and leaving them alone without hostilities ever breaking out.

I love it so far! Hope next chapter comes out soon

Thanks! Next update should be this Saturday. Sorry about the long gap between chapters this time, everyone - the end of the semester is rather hectic.

Weird turn of events, but they should send more ships to reinforce the current fleet. Maybe some more Star Destroyers or a single Super Star Destroyer.

I get the feeling that things will get worse for the Ponies later on.

You've got a bad feeling about this?

7183335 As this appears to be set Before the Galactic Civil War, I think that not only will many ponies join the Rebellion, but Equestria might become a battleground in The Civil War.

Oh, yes, this is well before the war. Five years before the Alliance to Restore the Republic was even formed, in fact.

The Inquisitors have come!

The ponies are screwed.

7188372 oh their not screwed yet. When Vader comes that's when their screwed.

All it took was one guy to fuck it up. I have a feeling the Imperial Admiral would maybe help the Equestrians and do things behind the Emperor's back.

I think that they may have a visit from Vader soon.

Malen gave his cold grin. “Of course you wouldn’t. You were far too well selected and trained for that. Now, let’s see what we can do to cause some revolution.”

:trixieshiftleft: Hmm, A revolution he said. Indeed, lets see how it goes.

The Imperial Officers should just kill this Inquisitor already. Even they don't like them.

Holy shit, the Empire are actually smart in this fic, they're trying to start a revolution so they can dethrone the Princesses and establish their own government.

That's actually something I haven't seen the Empire do in most fics, at most, their just the plain old "I'm the bad guy and what I do is bad!" trope.

I look forward to the rest of this story, it's actually good despite the grammatical errors.

I think Tia and lulu are lucky their not dealing with a real sith. I.E Vader

Malen gave his cold grin. “Of course you wouldn’t. You were far too well selected and trained for that. Now, let’s see what we can do to cause some revolution.”

A revolution you say? Now we're cookin!

:pinkiecrazy: Things are about to go down soon~

“Long live the Emperor!”

Oh wait

I can smell death just around the corner...

I wasn't sure who to narrow down the tags to at the beginning - since this is affecting the entire planet, quite a few characters will have some fairly important roles later on in the story. Plus, adding tags for some of those characters might be a bit spoiler-y. However, considering the way things have gone so far (I have a general idea of how the story will play out as a whole, but for individual chapters I just write things as I come up with them) and that this has been the second question I've gotten about character tags (the other was a PM), I'm thinking I might just tag the Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, and Other.

He actually raised a good point. Albeit in a more destructive manner. I actually really like this story despite some grammar errors, I feel like this gives the Empire some kinds of justification for their actions over the years. But at this point, I'm rooting for the Empire to win. XD

*clap clap clap* That was fucking beautiful. Hopefully Twilight fails at trying to change him and realize that he said nothing but the truth. Holy fuck that guy is my hero.

What if, you add a character from the comics. What if you add Lt. Janek Sunber. You should look him up. He may be a great addition to this story.

I actually had specifically selected a date where there wasn't much of anything going on in the Star Wars galaxy. If you convert the date from the Great ReSynchronization, it's 7 BBY - five years before the founding of the Rebellion (and for your particular example, six years before Tank joined up). I wanted to set this up so that it could actually take place in the Legends timeline with minimal to no effects on canon events, so only two canon characters will actually be showing up in person. Sorry to disappoint.

Edit: Oh, and I mean that seriously, not in the sarcastic way "Sorry to disappoint" is usually used.

7244500 Ok, I just find Sunber to be a badass Imperial Officer that doesn't seem to get that much attention. People always forget that Biggs and Sunber were Luke's best friends in Tatooine. They didn't give Sunber the nickname "Tank" for no reason.

I hope they don't try to change Aerin. I like his character. If they do try, I hope they fail.

Anyway, Twilight should listen to the whisperings.

Do it Twilight


Do it twilight, Give into the power! Let it show you what it has to offer!!!

7242352 i hope that book horse realizes that he said the truth too so i support you in this:twilightsmile:

Oh dear, Twilight inadvertedly pissed off a clone. It's gonna be one hell of an argument.

Oh dear, seems like Twilight has made herself an enemy to all clones unintentionally. Now Celestia and Luna will too.

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