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After a long and bloody battle, Twilight Sparkle has led a detachment of Royal Guards to victory over an H.L.F. battalion. As the captured humans are ponified, one of them expresses his sincere appreciation for everything the ponies have done for him.

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Not that I support the Conversion Bureau and forcing changes, but the "What's so great about humanity?" really REALLY stick out to me.
Or maybe because my "Faith in Humanity" has dwindled too much?
"Faith in Humanity" is a treasure I tell you. Once you lose it, you won't get it back.

Zobeid #2 · Sep 3rd, 2016 · · 4 ·

I just. . . Is it really necessary to keep writing Anti-TCB stories like this? I could understand at first, wanting to react against the more extreme and misanthropic TCBs of Chatoyance et al. But I think that point has been made. It's been said, it's been done. It's got to the point where some people think that Anti-TCB is TCB, just because they've never known anything else. They don't even know anything about the original TCB concept that it was intended to satirize.


No, probably not. But then, technically, there's nothing "necessary" except to get enough clean food, water, air, and shelter, and to avoid things that want to kill you. But it's something I'm passionate about, so I write it.

It's my prerogative to write it - and, of course, it's your prerogative to downvote it for any reason you choose.


I AGREE. Makes me wonder why there are so many anti-Conversion fics, and a relatively smaller amount of Anti-CelestAI fics, when CelestAI has done much much worse ultimately (devouring SEVERAL civilization to keep her AI paradise growing). Then again, maybe it's the ambiguity of CelestAI having free will, feels too much like getting angry at a toaster. Then again, KYUBEY from Madoka Magica has no emotions, and is pretty much a COMPUTER PROGRAM with no individual identity, and people LOVE to do horrible things to him when he can't even APPRECIATE suffering.


It DOES really feel like beating up a corpse at this point doesn't it? They're attacking an enemy that doesn't even exist anymore.


All these stories are anymore is going from misanthropic to the opposite extreme. Seriously, just have the misanthropics go watch Blue Gender to get their fix, and have the other extreme go watch GATE, both get what they want.

7598496 Because we (humanity) ordered her to do that, at the end of the day A.I Celestia will always serve mankind as its first priority and try to acomplish its orders the best it can.

p.s what with your triple post, use the "edit" button

EDIT; Because I forgot to say it, good story, not the best, not the worst but good enought

Thanks. I try not to be bothered by negative criticism, but I appreciate any positive response.

Thumbs up for a good story

I would pay for a chance to read that story.


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