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After a long and bloody battle, Twilight Sparkle has led a detachment of Royal Guards to victory over an H.L.F. battalion. As the captured humans are ponified, one of them expresses his sincere appreciation for everything the ponies have done for him.

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Middle-earth. A green land of farmers. Long ago, it was inhabited by great warriors. Now, its violent history has been mostly consigned to history, with only small groups holding to their ancient ways.

Better known as New Zealand.

Mount Ngauruhoe. A towering volcanic peak of black stone. Currently quiet, it may yet erupt again, once more filling the land with smoke and fire.

Better known as Mount Doom.

With the Barrier closing in, a group of devout (and extremely psychotic) Tolkienites has noticed unusual amounts of activity from this famous volcano, and they decide to test a theory. The Barrier may destroy any humans that come in contact with it…

…but what about fallen Maiar?

This is what happens when I write tired and drunk, apparently.

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With the Clone Wars long over and the Galactic Civil War not yet begun, Emperor Palpatine has focused the Imperial Military on pacifying the regions on the edges of the Galaxy and expanding the reach of the Galactic Empire. The Unknown Regions have long been separated from the rest of the Galaxy by the Hyperspace Disturbance, but determined scout groups still manage to find routes to explore the strange worlds beyond. One such expeditionary force has stumbled upon a world that seems ideal for human habitation, but there's just one problem - it's inhabited, and the local alien population is proving far more difficult to subjugate or remove than expected...

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