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Middle-earth. A green land of farmers. Long ago, it was inhabited by great warriors. Now, its violent history has been mostly consigned to history, with only small groups holding to their ancient ways.

Better known as New Zealand.

Mount Ngauruhoe. A towering volcanic peak of black stone. Currently quiet, it may yet erupt again, once more filling the land with smoke and fire.

Better known as Mount Doom.

With the Barrier closing in, a group of devout (and extremely psychotic) Tolkienites has noticed unusual amounts of activity from this famous volcano, and they decide to test a theory. The Barrier may destroy any humans that come in contact with it…

…but what about fallen Maiar?

This is what happens when I write tired and drunk, apparently.

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10/10 would sacrifice golden rings and wear plate male again.

This was a good one shot idea, but i would of like to see a real one with this idea taking place.

Not to my taste but maybe to someone elses so i would rate it a 7/10

I would rather this be a full story and not just a short one. This has sooooo much potential. Or set it in Fall of Equestria. Love to watch Dainn try and deal with Malkior.

Hi, Here is A Private Messege I just Sent to You Today Celebrating the Announcement of Star wars Battlefront 2 for 2017...http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/9021707

7277039 i'm 57% confident you spelled that wrong, cause it's plate MAIL, unless maybe it's a metal codpiece, that might fit as plate male

7304466 Such is life on planet earth.

Genius idea and very well written for its alcohol content :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I did a lot of post-hangover editing.

7380593 7451457 Hi, Again..sorry for not replying to you in a while but...will the Sequel Be Based Around ether the time of The New Republic/New Jedi Order-Vunzant Vong War in the Legends Canon (The One I Most Highly Recommend for you to use in the Sequel to your star wars story (In the Time Placement of 27 ABY))...the time of The Thrawn trilogy aka The New republic-Imperial Remnant Conflicts in the Legends Canon...The Time of the Reborn Emperors Wrath in the Aftermath of Return of the Jedi in the Legends Canon...the time of the Original Trilogy aka The Rebellion-Empire Conflict in the Legends Canon...or still during the time of the Gap Between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope in the Legends Canon...because sense you know about the Legends canon more than anyone i know...I Highly Recommend for you to Use one of these Conflicts for your sequel to Star Wars/FIM: Realms of the Heavens...in other words the one that i most Highly Recommend for you to use for the Sequel is The New Republic/New Jedi Order-Vunzant Vong War in which the reason why the emperor sent these empire cruisers into unknown space in the legends canon was to Prepare for the War With The Vong which ultimately happened in the legends canon during the time of The New Jedi Order Saga the only difference is that it was the New Republic that got involved with the war and not the empire due to the fact that it has been Defeated along time ago and the fact that the war did not end until 29 Years After The Battle Of Yavin in The Legends Canon or simply putting it as...War Ended at 29 ABY in Legends in which I Also Highly Recommend for the Sequel Story to Take Place 27 ABY During The Height of the Vunzant-Vong-War...
Here are the Videos Explaining My Point on Using The Highly Recommending The New-republic/New Jedi Order-Vunzant Vong War for The Sequel to Star Wars/FIM: Realms in the Heavens sense star wars is one of the only few properties you can do especially ones in the legends canon which further explains my point on this:

Theme Song for Sequel (Story of the Year-Tell Me):

Main MLP Timeframe (MLP Next Generation):

and that is Why I Want you to Make the Sequel Story to Star Wars/FIM: Realms in the Heavens Take Place 27 ABY aka during the Time of The Height of The New Republic/New Jedi Order-Vunzant Vong War and During The MLP Next Gen Era...
Nuff Said.
To: Star Wars/FIM: Realms in the Heavens Creator...Tathem_Relag
From: the Biggest #1 The New Jedi Order Star Wars Legends Book Series Fan...Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma

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