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This story is a sequel to Darth's Warming Eve

One year after Darth Vader's experience in Ponyville, I miserly Palpatine is displeased. He has learned that his apprentice is once again back on Equis, celebrating Hearth's Warmth. If that weren't enough, his over all wicked nature and hatred for the pony holiday has not left him in the most charitable of moods. refuses. On a bitter whim, he has ignored Equies plea for imperial medical supplies to help combat a new virus that is plaguing Equestira as well as other region of the planet.

Can the ghost of his old master and three Hearth Warming spirits be enough to make the Big Bad of the Star Wars Saga change?

This story was written with permission from Follow Focus and was written as a parody of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Pleas read and thumb up the original before reading this fan made sequel.

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Comments ( 7 )

Merry Christmas from all the Sith Lords!

Saw the title and couldn't help but look at this. I'll read it when I have time.

That last picture scared the shit out of me.

6693612 Since this story last Christmas, technically I can say I was on board with the theory before it was cool.


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