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The REAL Mister Pkmn

I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.


The world of Pokémon, a place where all Pokémon and humans seem to have a place, a purpose... all save for a sad and forgotten Pokémon. This Pokémon has no place in its own world. It is so forgotten, that it has faded out of knowledge among humans and Pokémon alike. However, even though its number is missing, it still believes it has a purpose somewhere... And then, it finds a place full of strange creatures. Ponies. Perhaps there, it will finally find its purpose. It found something to hope for.

Teen for mild violence.

Edit 05/28/18: Now with Cover Art! It's a temporary one until I can get something better. I do not own it, nor do I know who does. It will be taken down if requested by owner.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 9 )

This seems pretty interesting, though it is really hard to read missing no's speech. :/

There's a trick to reading glitched out text, not even requiring using a tool to unglitch it. Just highlight it with mouse selection. But don't worry, the glitch text will only stick around until late into next chapter as a constant thing.

So the entity has come.

Soon I will destroy you all ppooonnnniiieesss!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!

The entity? Never heard of it. MissingNo. is a semi-well-known glitch among the Pokémon community. It isn't evil, so you won't be seeing it destroy the ponies. It's trying to save them, after all.

i'm assuming its decrypted form is based on the fact that bird type is one of the few coherent pieces of info that the stable missingno contains. works out fairly well since it was supposed to be a species originally, should be interesting to see how it turns out and if it uses one of the cut concepts as an original form or something custom.

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