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After waking up in Equestria, Arrow finds himself no longer a human but a rowlet. He doesn’t remember much of his human life, but he came up with the alias ‘Arrow’ after recalling rowlet’s evolutionary line ends with a decidueye, which is an archer of sorts. Arrow quickly finds out that he had somehow injured himself, so he goes off looking for help.

Nearby, a recently reformed Luna walks the garden near midnight as she stumbles across the injured owl. She takes him in and nurses him back to health before adopting him as her pet. Unbeknownst to her, Arrow is far more intelligent that her sister’s Phoenix.

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Decent. The Administration will continue observing.

Oh me like! :pinkiehappy: This is gonna be cute! :rainbowkiss: :yay:

Yay Luna pet thing. I need more of these.

yus this is good

Please continue this story i love these things

“We’ll make an exception for you this time, but expect to have your own bird swing by tomorrow night.”

they all say that. then it's a week later and you're lonely without your cuddle buddy

I'm going to enjoy this! Rowlett and its evolution line is among my favourite gen 7 pokemon!

Super cute. Cant wait to see where this goes. Kinda hopin he has a rivalry with Celestia's phoenix.

This is adorable.


A Grass bird having a rivalry with a Fire bird? Let the feathers fly!

I'd still put my money on Arrow. Brains count for alot you know.

Rowlet used Snuggle!

It's super-effective!

So is he going to remain at the first stage or is he going to evolve? And how is luna/ equestria going to handle that?

Is he going to be able to speak in the future?

Can he talk to other birds, animals, fluttershy?

Twilight doesnt have her owl yet in this, but will she?

welp, I'm here for this.

I will enjoy this, please write more.

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

Yes he will more than likely evolve, eventually. Luna probably be surprised or scared at first be fore realizing that he is still Arrow.

Yes, he will eventually learn to speak, but it will be far later in the story.

As for speaking with the birds and animals, I haven’t decided if I should.

And for the final question, if you are implying that Arrow becomes Twilight‘s owl, then no.

Nah I'm just asking if he's going to be the only owl in the story or is he going to be a way for luna/twi to share in something they both have. A pet owl.

Then no, because twilight will get her owl regardless.

But whether or not he was intelligent or got distracted by an insect for a moment didn’t matter. But what did matter was that the small injured owl needed help.

Could this get rewrite? Too many buts and wants to run on the sentence. Lana was maybe so completely dumbfounded she couldn’t form a complete thought . Dumbfounded also feels a bit strong of word, too close to open what I think of a mouth open shock impression to me. Maybe bewildered as a long word that states confusion but not a shock? Well how Luna reacts is up to the air there author and the story.

Edit: why air there spellcheck?

I heard a small snapping sound when I hit the ground. I was glad that it was just a twig I landed on, but the fall still hurt nonetheless. Now that I am alone, I was able to know the truth. I am truly no longer human, but now I am a rowlet. When I stretched out my arms, or rather wings, it was then that I realized that I didn’t just break that stick.

Start at 0:07

Thank you for pointing this out, I will fix it as soon as I can

I always get interested in fics that involve humans turning into animals (or lack of proper speech) that don't decide to cheat and allow the protagonist to communicate through either magic or Fluttershy.

i like this story already and its not entirely because Decidueye is my favorite pokemon.

Luna’s comforting words work with no avail. The small owl only stopped squirming when he felt his claws rest on her back side.

I don’t think “with no avail” works here, usually that’s for things that don’t work which Luna’s words clearly do, or maybe I’m wrong, either way, this is worded poorly.

Something like “Luna tried to comfort the owl to no avail” or “Luna’s comforting words worked…”

Let me know if I’m just being an idiot, that’s always a possibility

This is a pretty nice start. Gotta see where it leads to.

I just hope he won't be treated like an animal.

Even normal pokemon are more intelligent than equestrian animals.
And also this is a human in pokemon body

They should learn quickly that he isn't just an animal

Even if they will treat him as a very smart animal, an owl they will still treat him like an animal, not like a pony/person
With gives me vibes how in early seasons, Fluttershy called dragons beasts or animals or something like that

So I hope that will not happen.

I intentionally added “to no avail” because Arrow didn’t like being held by something he couldn’t see

Well, when you consider that some (if not most) of the animals in MLP are actually intelligent, you might find that they aren't so different from pokemon. Take Angel Bunny for example.

Yeah I think “to no avail” would work better

Also, can’t wait for the next chapter!

Angel is an exception actually, because of how different he is to others.
Maybe even the animals of main 6
But with them, it's in the end just a for a plot convenience to give them boosted intelligence for an episode or comic page focused on them for its sake.

But even then these intelligent animals are treated like animals and also our main character is not only a pokemon but a former human.

Different species and mind from equestrian animals

I don't wait for the final evolution

Gotta be frank, I do want him to just end up as a butler owl and just stop there.

On the other hand: Rowlbin Wood.

More. Also liked the part where owl just called out FAT-lestia for calling his natural form fat.

“I’ll let it slide, but you will have to release him when he has recovered.” Celestia replied

Hey, how comes you can keep Philomena but Luna can't keep her pet?

“Luna,” Celestia said with a confused look, “I think your owl just insulted me.”


yes, ues he did. cause evn the owl can pick up on BS

Is this really worth it though? Being treated as a pet just because you can’t speak to another being. While one part of him demanded to find a way to speak to Luna, the other and equally as reasonable part of him said that it wouldn’t be possible for the longest of times.

He doesn't need to speak to show them that he isn't an animal but intelligent being like them
He should try reading,writing
For example, answering questions with drawings or writing

Maybe even by answering questions that can't be done by the animal by answering them with his body.
Like if Luna asked him what is needed to make pancakes,he can go point out all ingredients with his wings or just come to them. Like eggs, flour,etc

Or Luna can even ask him questions with a yes or no method. If Depending on the answer he will make a sound or move his head up and down or left and right

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

amen to this. i'm amazed at how many hie stories i had found where they can't communicate at first completely ignore drawing/body movement to say something.heck simple pichograms of simple items along with english spellings of them would solve so mush of the speaking problems easy.

Very nice, glad to see this was updated; hope to see plenty more chapters soon.

Luna needs to give Fluttershy a call, stat.

Discord... Why am I not surprised? :eeyup:

As a bird, it is his sacred duty to take a dump on Discord's statue, if discord is still one

Discord is totally op but thank God he have simple thinking or else Equestria is long gone

As a human in a bird body, he probably can't because of how he was raised.

Reality is always disappointing.

I love this story already! Keep going!

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