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Does pumping bass get on your nerves? Do you enjoy to listen to, or even play, CLASSICAL MUSIC?! Then this group is for you!

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Hey there. Trumpet player here!

I absolutely love classical symphonic music. I listen to mainly romantic era stuff (Tchaikovsky is my favorite :rainbowkiss:)

A group devoted to classical music? Count me in.

Proud violin player right here people!

Of course you can like both!

I'm glad you caught my little joke :moustache:

Can I like classical and bass?
Or better yet, classical with bass. ^.^
My favorite piece is The Dance of the Knights by Prokofiev... which I'd say has as many wubs as any dubstep.

Also, writing 'classical misic' in all-caps is a travesty.:moustache:

Finally, a place where I can admit my dark secret. :raritycry:

I hate loud, thumping music. A huge, driving bassline makes me want to just be somewhere else.

This group is quite brilliant.

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