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The Poetic Frost makes mistakes so that you don't have to. "Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!"


Can't a guy just dress up as a named Pokemon Trainer and go through a convention on his own uninterrupted business? Pfft! Of course not. Something weird always happens at a con. For example, there's a guy who accidentally bumps into another cosplayer and wakes up in another world while in the form of the very Pokemon that is his portrayed character's partner.
Something about that last part doesn't sound quite right.
This fic may be borrowing from ideas that were implanted by exploring the internet a lot. Any relation to actual persons that happen to share certain names and personalities are completely coincidental and unintentional. There will most likely be violence. Some spoilers from Season 7 are imminent. All properties belong to their respective owners.
(Cover art by wormadam19.)

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Their is a Pokemon tag I recommend adding it

I'm feeling an awful lot of Team Four Star here...

No, not at all...

I'm always searching for Displaced stories, and yet this one managed to slip past me. XD

The entire scene after ‘Cyrus’ lost his drink is a re-enactment of king Cold after Trunks killed Frieza in DBZA!

great story you have here, i hope to see more soon.

So he has
Heal pulse
Bone rush
And dark pulse
Why no fighting type moves? (Or at least a steel type move)

Trust me. At this point in the story, Xavier is probably just as frustrated about that as you are. I can't say much more at this time without spoiling future events.

"Teleportation spell go!" Trixie yelled as her horn ignited and fizzled.
Ok that made me laugh.

How did Lucario (Xavier) learn psychic?!
Sure, he can
With a TM29

Pharynx half-waved. "Later, Light Twins."



Either the merchant or after he got Displaced.

meh... crap Kanto TMs that disappear after its used. :p

Is there a damn imprisoned Arceus waiting to destroy the planet?!

"It's not like I could or couldn't like you back," he muttered, "... idiot."

And here, we have the gay tsundere. A rather rare creature to see, but nonetheless adorable.

Even though its body only had four limbs, it felt one thousand more. Red chains glowed in the otherwise dim reaches of space. Time lost all meaning, yet it grew impatient. It may have been tampered with, but it lost the will to care. Its command was to deliver judgment upon a particular world. It would do so very soon. ---


What are the names of the stories you did this x-over with

They don't exist yet. I made them up as I went along.

Let us observe it in it's natural habitat, trying to avoid a mate.

"I... am asexual."

Wait what 😱


was all of that a Jojo reference?

You killed bugmoose!

According to South Park logic, that would make me a bastard.

... maybe...

Omg... You got the reference!

This story was good in more ways than one. If there is gonna be a sequel for this or not, then I'm fine with sequel or no sequel for this story. Keep up the great stories TundraStanza!

Hope I don't miss the post of a sequel.

It's time for a DEATH BATTLLLLLLE!!!

of all the moves you could learn at the moment you learned that one :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

I'm... not sure, admitted Xavier. Could be the waking up from a deep sleep that's affecting my appetite.

Or..... Anime Logic

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