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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.


(First story in my series 'The Elements of Harmony') When Rainbow Dash gets a personal letter from Spitfire saying she's been recruited as a cadet, she's happier than Pinkie Pie hyped up on sugar. But when her number one fan ends up in critical condition at Ponyville Central Hospital can Dashie finally follow her dreams, or will she lose it forever and live up to her title?

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Amazing! Keep up the good work!

I had an idea for the opposite of this, actually. But no matter!

This is epically awesome. You've earned yourself a watch and a favorite, my friend. :twilightsmile:

720899 XD Thanks. My name is a combination of my furry name and Derpy Hooves.

You my good sir, you need a lot more views on this story. You do really deserve it.

725493 O.o If you don't like it, just stop reading...And she's not smarter than Dash; she's just smarter than people think she is. Dash is going through the five stages of grief right now and slowly losing her mind during the first one.

725633 *Hugs again* What I'm telling is the honest truth, you do deserve those 5000+ views. Oh I mean 9000+ :pinkiehappy:

725806 Naw, I mean it! I've the feeling I've forgot something... Oh yeah.. Watching you :3 :heart:

726010 I'd just love my story to be just a tad close to be as good as yours. And you've got more than one. Remind me to check your others someday, would you kindly? I've got more views but that isn't deserved at all, if I should say it myself.

726025 I'll most likely forget to remind you. TT-TT

726072 And I'll forget myself.. Better add them to favorites now then.

726089 What can I say? Then I'll come back to them eventually. :pinkiehappy:

726117 Oh! Thanks for the watch! I'll start welcoming tomorrow when I've got more time!

726399 :pinkiegasp:SPOILERS:pinkiegasp: This is actually what I had planned in chapter seven.

:fluttershyouch:umm I am sorry I could delete the post if you want so it doesnt ruin it for the rest of the readers. :fluttershysad:

726765 No, it's fine. I play games with my readers where if they correctly guess what I plan, I tell them it's right. ^_^

726786 I already deleted it :ajsleepy:but okie dokie lokie so does that mean I can say the other thing I am predicting about what happens afterward :pinkiehappy:

725493 what the buck is wrong with you just because her eyes are not normal does not mean that she is stupid :applecry:

727258 Well, this IS fanfiction. >.>

yea there is absolutely no way that a mare in her mental condition would be able to effectively tryout for the wonderbolts and i what the buck does scootaloo think she is doing trying to get out of bed like that.

Does this take place after Cutie Mark Chronicles?

wow that was kind of a mean thing of apple bloom to say to derpy:twilightblush:

Watch this. She has to back-pedal even more when she finds out that the "funny" eye is a prosthetic that just won't stay in place.

735409 XD That's an idea! But unfortunately I'm dropping the eye subject.

It's actually hahatimeforponies's idea. I just put it out there. In any event, AB needs a crash course in sensitivity.

735799 Well, she is still just a filly.

Still, though, somepony still has feelings.

Nice going Applebloom, you know how Derpy sensitive about her eye sight. :applecry:

That's a clumsiness caused by her cystitis, and one can have a deeper voice than most, without being stupid.also, it's fairly likely that she has a speech impediment. So, yeah. Stop hating, man. Remember our creed. Love and Tolerate.

My thoughts:

Shit, she's gonna kill herself
Oh, good
Oh, shit, Derpy!
Dash, you bitch!

(You're a really good author.)

Fuck you, Nurse Red Heart, making Scoots cry like that!

737838 How 'bout I stick to my original plot because it's my story? :D

737838 And there is no show; it was a private recruitment for certain ponies only. Also, Scootaloo would probably die from the pain if she was removed from the bed. And one last thing: Rainbow Dash is in no state to be flying, in case you haven't noticed.

738059 I'm sorry, I'M being the dick here? Looking back on all of your comments (seven of them), you have been rude to me in five of them. This is the third time you've cursed me out, and the second or third time you've insulted Derpy (which isn't really a big deal, but still). I could really care less what you do. :derpytongue2:

738104 I don't think you heard me last time.
~I don't care~

738132 What would be the point in reporting you? The mods don't do anything.

738150 It seems like you WANT to get banned. If you're really that desperate, go curse out one of the mods yourself.

738176 Perhaps I am; perhaps I'm not. But you'll never know, because see me you'll not! :derpytongue2:

738201 >Implying comments will make me upset

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