• Published 9th Jun 2012
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The Element of Loyalty - Darkswirl

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo struggle to figure out how to continue with their lives.

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Chapter Four: Awakening

Scootaloo opened her eyes a bit for the fourth time today, letting in the burning beam of sunlight into her eyes. The only difference this time was that two blurry figures were on either side of her; a blue one and a gray one. She immediately recognized Rainbow Dash but couldn't place the other pony.

She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She couldn't voice her joy that her role model had come. It had been extremely painful to choke out the words asking the doctor to bring her, but her request wasn't in vain.

"Hey Scoots...How ya' doing, kid?" Rainbow Dash asked softly, a nervous smile played out across her face.

Scootaloo gave a slight whimper in reply, the only thing she could do.

"Dr. Stable said she's been going in and out, so you better make it fast, Rainbow Dash." the gray mare sounded, and Scootaloo realized who it was.

Rainbow Dash sighed and leaned in closer.

"Listen, kid...A lot has happened in the past few days for me...I got accepted into the Wonderbolts Cadet program, but if I accept I won't get to visit you. You're my number one fan and you've always been, but this is my life long dream. I don't know what to do and I'm sorry." she said, fighting back tears.

Scootaloo wished she could talk. She wished she could tell Rainbow Dash to follow her dreams, because it'd inspire herself to do even better.

Scootaloo wished she could've said something, but all that came out was a small series of grunts which made Rainbow Dash tear up again.

Rainbow Dash suddenly burst out crying and galloped out of the room, the watchful eyes of Derpy following until she turned down the hall.

"Don't worry, Scootaloo, she'll be back; I promise." Derpy Hooves said reassuringly.

Scootaloo just closed her eyes again.

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