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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.


There was a time where ponies paid no heed to me, and I was content with that.

There was a time where all I had to comfort me were my books, and I was content with that, too.

Until I wanted more. Until I wanted someone to pull me from my loneliness, but none of the Crystal ponies would understand my social awkwardness. I'd be shunned and cast aside. So I read.

I read, searching for a friend...

But I found only a monster.

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First! :pinkiehappy:

Foxi Hooves has done it again. :yay:

1685080 You're about twenty hours and forty minutes late for First. xD

Now that my friend, is what I like to read.
I can't find many good stories any more, I was lucky to find yours, I'll keep an eye out for your stuff.

Damn Foxi you Did it Again you made a great Story

1685326 That's one 'x' too many, my dear.

So ..... weird the word escapes me, well whatever nice story I like it. I kinda wish it went on, oh well.:pinkiehappy:

track it and read later. your stories are usually pretty good:twilightsmile:

That is EXACTLY what I meant when I said that I want to see more of your dark-stuff. :moustache:
I have to admit that I haven't read many fics with crystal ponies yet, but this interpretation is really fitting into my interests! Just tell me, is it right that the gates he constructed by corrupted magic didn't create anything, but opened the way for an inner demon, which lurks in the deepest corners of every soul? If so, the saying should be changed into: "Power corrupts. Absolute power.. is a whole lot of fun." (Overlord quotes, yeah!)

Seriously, I want to hear more about this.

1750261 Take the story as however you believe it happened.

Isn't that what makes reading so much fun?

Meh. That's what I'm already doing with all the printed books. Sites like this give us the posibility to communicate with authors, and that's what I love love love on FiMFiction!

(Also, you seem to be stressed lately..?)

1750588 I am, kinda. My boyfriend is coming to visit tomorrow and I feel so unprepared. That, along with the fact that Halo 4 is consuming my time instead of writing. :c

When you keep everything look fine, everything will work just as fine. Socializing is oddly strong connected with writing a good fiction. The Halo 4 problem on the other hand.. throw out the console, PC games are better anyways. :trollestia:

thanks to this website i have started watching the show (not far into season 2) and its stories like this that make me want to watch it more just to see how the show portrayed the characters as compared to how they are portrayed in any of the stories on here. i have not met sombra in the show yet but i really want to now. Loved this story btw.

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