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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.


What would happen if the Elements of Harmony didn’t work on Discord? What would happen if Discord had won, turning the wielders of the Elements of Harmony into stone and hiding them away for three thousand years? And what if a curious Pegasus pony discovered the legend of the lost mares and set out to rid the world of the Lord of Chaos?

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This has extreme potential. I'd love to see where you take it.

Please continue :3

k, i'm in your comment section

1790853 Ohai :D

My main problem, like I've said, is where to start. I'd like to start with the pegasus, who is still unnamed at this point.

Perhaps a little background for her, first?


having Background on any OC usually helps... If it were mine, I would start at the point of failure so you don't have people bitching about "show, don't tell!" it doesn't have to be incredibly long, but it's more of a "just in case" type thing

look, join me here you can get some free music in while discussing things. also we won't have to delay for too long between questions and what not

1790895 I prefer working in silence...Do you have a skype? I'm on there with DancingWithBagels right now.

no, but i'll download it. does it do text too or am i gonna have to have something fancy?

1790933 It does text.

and it costs money and I'm broke...

1790948 Skype costs money now?!

hold on, i'm looking around. it says free skype to skype calls but i'm making sure it's not gonna screw me cause I can't afford that to happen

k, what is your skype name?

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2757520 Dammit... It is so good I must know what happens.

didn't this once have a lot more chapters?

2831365 Yes, but the plot changed halfway through writing.

the Lord of Chaos let loose his own weapon, which crashed into the mares in a straight line, encasing them all in a solid stone prison as he had once been

Alright, that was super-vague...

Ok, I think its fair to say, I'm going to need some more of this. This is a good premise (FYI this should be labeled a prologue, not a chapter) but its too short to be anything else at the moment. So, MOAR!

If, that's alright with you that is...? :fluttershysad:

This story has alot of potential just finish it

3126864 "Just finish it"?
Forgive me, but I'm utterly pissed. If I could just fucking finish it, I wouldn't have retired. I wouldn't have fucking let so many people down who liked and wanted more from my stories because I could have just fucking given them what they wanted.

But I can't, because real life comes first, and staying focused isn't fucking easy.

3128532 im sorry not what imeant but . Im pissed to. This is one of my favorites slendershy is the other and i read this long time ago and i love it so please im sorry i offended you

3129355 No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you, regardless of my mood.

This is one of the few stories I am planning to finish, so don't you worry. I just need to find the time.

Finish? Please :'( Such a good start.

3544257 Yeah, I know. Just trying to figure out how to get over this speed bump.

Dead story, is sadly dead. And that was such a good idea...

5579058 Not dead at all! Just working on a lot of stuff, inside and out of FimFiction. This story IS on hold, though, while I work on My Little Technology: Friendship is 404.

5580992 :pinkiegasp: well, in that case, I'll be watching out and stuffs

Just so you know, Discord is a Draconiquus, not a Chimera.
Besides that, this story has lots of potential :twilightsmile:

5813262 There's no information on any real-world sources about anything called a Draconiquus. There are several websites with information on Chimeras and, although Discord does not fit the classic representation of a Chimera, the classic representation is just an assumed look (like with how Jesus is white in all art and stuff, when really we have no idea what he looked like at all). He's a Chimera, whether Hasbro wants to admit it, or not.

5814000 you can call him a chimera if you want, I'm just saying he doesn't fit the description of one.

You going to up date this or not?

5886554 I'm working on a bunch of different things at once, from stories to modding, to game, and to real life. I even said on my user page that I'm writing my stories little by little and that I'm not gone; just busy and slow.

I think you forgot a story lol

6564431 Nope, I just lack motivation to write pretty much anything, nowadays. Occasionally I'll pop back in for a couple chapters, but then I'm out, again.

Please update your losing likes

Wonderful chapter! I'm so looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Ah, yes. A very early story, indeed.

8040007 This story was actually started about three years ago and has undergone several revisions.

Three? More like five...

8041046 If you want to be fucking technical it's 4.599684 years, but the point remains: it's just a prologue for now because I've scrapped the previous information. But this isn't the end of the story.

Very good. :twilightsmile: I wonder when she'll hear about the Elements of Harmony?

I guess she past Fluttershy's cottage. Interesting to see Earth Ponies have become extinct. Discord has much to answer for.

8043088 I didn't actually intend for it to be Fluttershy's cottage. It's been three thousand years; very little remains of the old world.

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