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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.


(Teen for language and gore)

This is the story of a malicious ruler who let her greed consume her until she plunged Equestria into darkness and plotted to let the very ponies she promised to protect suffer.

This is the story of a ruler who ever pony trusted one thousand years ago.

THIS is the true story of what happened, one thousand years ago, when my sister decided she wanted to do things her way.

This is the story of my royal sister: Princess Celestia.

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So what's the point of the German title and chapters? Because I'm not seeing it.

1813482 It's Mein Kampf, loosely based on the actual book.


It's Mein Kampf, loosely based on the actual book.

I know what Mein Kampf is.

I'm wondering why you decided to base your fic on it.

1813503 Well, all in all it really is Luna's struggle. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

Hmmm, I am enjoying this so far. My only complaint; it feels rushed in places. Seeing as this is finished already, I suggest next time slowing down and painting the scenes next time. (I really hope that makes sense :rainbowderp:)

It's late so I'll finish this tomorrow... I only have one other thing to say and it's more anger at Luna than you....

.... you're the co-ruling immortal alicorn goddess of war... respect for the older sib. aside... Why would you need permission from Celestia to go somewhere!? :flutterrage: Ask for a blessing to do something THEN do it regardless.... if you dun mind that is :fluttershysad:

You don't learn, do you?


Also, this story... I'm not sure what to make of it. Twas a well written fic, but...

I dunno, mien nigga.

greatest idea ever. totally worth not posting still imagery.

What does that even mean? :rainbowhuh:

also i should reread the actual book.

1813653 I wonder what it could possibly mean? :ajbemused:

I dunno. Your communication skills sucked. Try using some basic grammar next time.

1813671 Bitch what you think it means


Bitch, what do you think it means?

There, fixed it for you. Now you try. Communicate properly so I can answer your question.

1813686 I'll respond your comment with this; Bitch what you think it means. Stop trying to troll a grammar Nazi.

You're telling me you're a grammar Nazi? PAH! Don't make me laugh harder.

1813701 Too late, maximum over-lolz achieved.

1813701 What can I say? I'm taking the day off.

Both of you play nice, damnit.

1813721 I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure if you're typing or having a stroke on the keyboard.

I'm tempted to call 911

1813738 I have no response to that.

1813465 a drive-by fic. A fanfic that usually contains 7 to 9 chapters and each chapter has a little more or less than 1000 words. The author of said fanfic posts all the chapters in one day. These stories tend to range from horrible to decent at best.:applejackunsure:

1813694 "stop trying to troll a grammar nazi" ahahahaa oh god i'm laughing so hard right now.

that akward moment when you are already listening to the song that the author posted:applejackconfused:

this deserves more views I like the idea and story and Mein Komf it took me until the third chapter to get it

1813883 I've been working on this for weeks...

Schwaerze ewige -> ewige Schwaerze (ae = a with dots. I don't have that key.)
Der Orden von der Schwarz Huf -> Der Orden vom schwarzen Huf / Der Orden des schwarzen Hufes
Ein alptraum wird Geboren -> Ein Alptraum wird geboren.

Also: Read later. No time yet. :pinkiesad2:

i dont know what to say.......

I'm not reading this because of the title. No disrespect, and I ask for no forgiveness. First impressions are the most important.

1816842 It has nothing to do with Nazis, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, or World War Two


1818091 Every issue is worth discussing.

Yo you should really credit the artist, even though they tend not to mind they usually appreciate it.
If you don't know who did the art work then here
as for the fic, I read the actual mein kampf and I'm sure hitlers is turning in his grave knowing that a fanfiction about cartoon ponies was written better than his book. (the original mein kampf is one of the most horribly written, insults to literature ever to scar my eyes)
so in other words good job.

Ich denke deine Geshicte ist sehr gut. Sie sind ein guter Shriftsteller. Sie sind fliessend Deutsch.

I saw title and imagined this...
I was bored :/

2059120 /right click

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