The Element of Loyalty

by Darkswirl

First published

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo struggle to figure out how to continue with their lives.

(First story in my series 'The Elements of Harmony') When Rainbow Dash gets a personal letter from Spitfire saying she's been recruited as a cadet, she's happier than Pinkie Pie hyped up on sugar. But when her number one fan ends up in critical condition at Ponyville Central Hospital can Dashie finally follow her dreams, or will she lose it forever and live up to her title?

Chapter One: Derpy Delivery

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"And THAT'S how I got my cutie mark. Pretty cool, huh?" Rainbow Dash finished, leaving the three crusaders staring up at her in admiration. "Wow Dashie! If you never would've pulled that Sonic Rainboom off, I never would've gotten my cutie mark!" Pinkie Pie announced gleefully. Soon, the rest of her friends began telling the same as they came to realize it.

Rainbow Dash is so awesome; she made her friends get their cutie marks before they even knew each other! Scootaloo thought to herself, her snout stretched into a fangirl grin.

"I'd love to stay and chat some more, but I'm expecting a very important letter today. See you guys later!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she suddenly dashed out the door.

Scootaloo bounced out the door and watched the dark spot that was her role model grow smaller and smaller as Rainbow Dash flew into Cloudsdale.

"One day I'll fly up with you..." Scootaloo thought aloud.


"OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmyGOSH!" Rainbow Dash squealed, snatching the letter out of the hooves of the cheerful gray mail pony. As she tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter, the yellow-eyed pegasus pony stood silently, an oblivious smile plastered on her face. As she quickly read the printed words, Rainbow Dash let out a scream of pure joy that she was sure reached the Everfree forest. In reply, the mail pony fell to her belly and put her hooves over her ears, screaming even after Rainbow Dash had stopped.

"Derpy...?" She started. "Why are YOU screaming?".

"I don't know!" Derpy replied, getting to her hooves and resuming her smile.

"OK...Have a nice day, Derpy." Rainbow called as she trotted inside happily, the letter hanging in her snout. "You too, Rainbow Dash!" the mail mare replied in a slightly deep tone before the door shut on her.


Rainbow squeezed a pillow tightly and squealed again as she reread the letter aloud, for the seventh time.

"Dear Rainbow Dash,

I know you've always had your eyes set on the clouds since you were a little filly. Pulling off a sonic rainboom at such a young age is quite an achievement, and the fact that your cutie mark represents your need for speed further proves that you were born to fly fast! So how about trying on the Wonderbolts Cadet uniform? Cadets are chosen every year, and only one is chosen at the end of the program. I have great confidence that you'll be chosen and finally live your dream of joining us in the skies.

Captain, friend, role model, and soon to be trainer,


(P.S. The entrance exam is scheduled at 8:00 AM at the Cloudsdale Grand Skytrack in three days, so don't be late or you'll miss out until next year!)

Rainbow Dash rolled over and stared at the ceiling as she held the letter to her chest.

"I'm finally going to do it. I'm going to be a Wonderbolt." she said as she began to drift off to sleep.

Chapter Two: A Great Demise

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"Are you sure about this, Scootaloo?" Sweetie Belle asked nervously from beside her friend. They both stood on a cliff overlooking Ponyville. Just a few yards below was solid ground and trees.

"Of course I'm sure! This is the only way! If I can't fly myself, I'll just let my instincts do it! It's genius plan, why are you guys so opposed to it?" Scootaloo ranted.

Apple Bloom scraped at the ground and kept her head down. " 'Cause yer our friend, Scoots. This jus' seems really dangerous is all." Apple Bloom explained, not taking her eyes off the ground.

"I'll be fine, girls! As soon as I go over the cliff and realize I can't fly, my wings will start kicking in for real since it'd be a life or death situation! I'll be soaring in the sky next to Rainbow Dash in no time, just watch!" Scootaloo exclaimed as she dug her hooves into the ground and then suddenly galloped forward.

"Scootaloo, wait!" Sweetie Belle called out, but Scootaloo ignored her. Her head was filled with images of Rainbow Dash and her flying side by side, battling a dragon, wearing Wonderbolt uniforms, and posing for newspaper photos. Her life was about to become 20% cooler, as Dashie would've said.

When her mind snapped back to reality, Scootaloo didn't see the blue morning skies or the white fluffy clouds. Instead, she saw the green leaves of oak trees getting closer and closer.


"Apple Bloom, go get Fluttershy, or Rarity, or someone! Hurry!" Scootaloo heard, although a bit distorted. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She couldn't open her eyes. She felt the cold ground beneath her, and heavy branches on her. She gasped ever so softly as she felt a warm liquid run past her snout.



Scootaloo opened her eyes a tiny bit and was blinded by a searing light. She quickly shut them tightly again.

She tried to turn her head. She tried to move. She couldn't.

She felt hot, like something was wrapped around her body, but she couldn't tell what.

She didn't know where she was, how she got here, or where anypony else was. She couldn't smell a thing.

Am I dead? she thought to herself. All she heard was the steady and spaced out beeping of some machine.

Chapter Three: Heart Breaking News

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Rainbow Dash snored softly in her bed just as the sun was coming up over the clouds.

She was fast asleep and nothing could wake her.

Except for somepony's frantic knocking on her door.

"Rainbow Daaaaash!" a slightly deep voice sounded fom the other side, followed by more knocking.

The blue pegasus pony grumbled and pulled herself out of bed, her colorful mane sticking every which way. "D-Derpy...?" Rainbow asked as she let out a yawn.

"Rainbow Dash, I got an urgent letter for you, it's from Ponville Central Hospital!" the gray mailmare said, her face no longer sporting her cheerful smile. Instead, it was the direct opposite; a look of sheer discomfort and worry.

"Ponyville Hospital? I don't know anypony there." Dashie stated, dumbfounded.

Without contradicting her, Derpy shoved an envelope in the mare's face and began hopping back and forth between her hooves.

Rainbow Dash spat the letter out frustratedly and tore it open.

"This had better be important if it got here this early..." she muttered.

"Dear Miss Dash,

I regret to inform you that Miss Scootaloo has suffered incredible amounts of physical damage and is currently in critical condition. She has been slipping in and out of consciousness and has requested your presence. Additionally, there are other matters that Miss Scootaloo has asked me to relay to you that are not suitable to be enclosed in this letter and must be discussed in person. If you could attend to these matters as soon as possible, we will be able to assist you and Miss Scootaloo through this tough time. Visiting hours for Ponyville General are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, daily


Ponyville Central Hospital

Dr. Stable - Nurse Red Heart"

Rainbow Dash's heart skipped a beat and she just stared at the letter in shock. Derpy's ears lowered in sorrow.

"It's about Scootaloo, isn't it?" she asked slowly.

"Y-Yea, how'd you know?" Dash replied.

"I may talk slow, but I'm not as stupid as everypony thinks. Anypony can see that Scootaloo absolutely adores you, and she would do anything to get close to you. It was bound to get her into trouble eventually." Derpy said slowly, dragging a hoof against the cloud ground and accidentally making a hole, to which her hoof fell in.

Dash resisted the urge to even chuckle. It wasn't time to laugh, and it didn't seem right to be laughing at Derpy.

The realization tore through Rainbow Dash like a bolt of lightning: The visiting hours started at the same time as he flight exam in two days.

Memories raced through her head as she recalled every moment about Scootaloo.

She couldn't just ignore her biggest fan, but she'd also been waiting for her chance to join the Wonderbolts.

Wonderbolt Cadet training was very demanding, so she'd have little if any free time to visit Scootaloo.

It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't she just have both?

Derpy Hooves noticed the pained look on Dash's face and rubbed her snout against her cheek in a comforting notion.

"I don't know what to do, Derpy..." she whimpered.

Chapter Four: Awakening

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Scootaloo opened her eyes a bit for the fourth time today, letting in the burning beam of sunlight into her eyes. The only difference this time was that two blurry figures were on either side of her; a blue one and a gray one. She immediately recognized Rainbow Dash but couldn't place the other pony.

She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She couldn't voice her joy that her role model had come. It had been extremely painful to choke out the words asking the doctor to bring her, but her request wasn't in vain.

"Hey Scoots...How ya' doing, kid?" Rainbow Dash asked softly, a nervous smile played out across her face.

Scootaloo gave a slight whimper in reply, the only thing she could do.

"Dr. Stable said she's been going in and out, so you better make it fast, Rainbow Dash." the gray mare sounded, and Scootaloo realized who it was.

Rainbow Dash sighed and leaned in closer.

"Listen, kid...A lot has happened in the past few days for me...I got accepted into the Wonderbolts Cadet program, but if I accept I won't get to visit you. You're my number one fan and you've always been, but this is my life long dream. I don't know what to do and I'm sorry." she said, fighting back tears.

Scootaloo wished she could talk. She wished she could tell Rainbow Dash to follow her dreams, because it'd inspire herself to do even better.

Scootaloo wished she could've said something, but all that came out was a small series of grunts which made Rainbow Dash tear up again.

Rainbow Dash suddenly burst out crying and galloped out of the room, the watchful eyes of Derpy following until she turned down the hall.

"Don't worry, Scootaloo, she'll be back; I promise." Derpy Hooves said reassuringly.

Scootaloo just closed her eyes again.

Chapter Five: Denial

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"Rainbow Dash, are you home? Can I come in?" Derpy asked as she knocked once more.

For a long while, she heard nothing from inside the cloud house. As she spread her wings and turned to leave, however, Rainbow Dash opened the door and took a step outside.

"Oh, hey Derpy. What can I help you with?" she asked, her voice unusually calm and her left eye twitching just barely.

"I just came to check up on you. I talked to Scootaloo for a while after you left and she seemed pretty upset that you did." Derpy explained. "Do you want to talk about it?".

"Nah, it's fine. I was upset, but then I realized she'd be out of the hospital in time for me to make the cadet tryouts. So how're you?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Derpy raised an eyebrow at the blue pegasus. All of Scootaloo's limbs were at the very least temporarily crippled, her left wing broken in six places, and her chest caved in up until she had surgery to repair the damage. How in Equestria did she think Scootaloo would be bouncing around in less than two days?

"Um, Dash..." Derpy started.

As if she knew what was about to be said, Rainbow Dash spread her wings and took to the skies, calling out to Derpy "She'll be fine, you'll see!" before going out of earshot.

Derpy stared confusedly at the small speck until she lost sight of it. Turning back to the house, she noticed Rainbow Dash hadn't shut her door all the way. In fact, she had left it wide open! Derpy took a peek inside and nearly gasped in disbelief.

Rainbow Dash could be considered messy. She never groomed her mane, for one, and the few ponies who had been inside her home said that while it wasn't a complete disaster, one would have no trouble in thinking Rainbow Dash trashy. But as Derpy's reverse-crossed eyes took in the living room, she noted how neat and organized everything was. Books had been picked up from the floor, pages bookmarked and carefully fit into shelves while board game pieces had found their ways into their respective boxes and been neatly stacked next to the bookcase. The living room was spotless and tidy, which took Derpy completely by surprise.


"Scootaloo? Hey Scootaloo, can ya hear us?" a soft country voice sounded, rousing the orange filly from her dream. She let out a soft grunt in reply.

"I think she's awake." a sweet voice said.

Scootaloo still couldn't turn her head, but she managed to see her two best friends out of the corner of her eyes.

"Hey Scoots. How're you feeling?" Sweetie Belle asked sympathetically.

Scootaloo didn't reply and just shut her eyes again.

The two other crusaders looked at each other with worried eyes and then back at Scootaloo.

"We...We tried tah stop ya..." Apple Bloom said in her defense.

"I know." Scootaloo choked out and then went into a coughing fit, sending her friends back a few steps. "But I'll be fine! You'll see!" she said in between coughs.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle gave each other a nervous look.


"Gotta fly gotta fly gotta fly." Rainbow Dash whispered to herself as she soared across the sky, clouds and random pegasus ponies nothing but a blurr as she slowly started to break the sound barrier.

She needed to go fast, to escape from her own mind. Part of her truly believed Scootaloo would get better quickly, and that she would soon be a Wonderbolt. But part of her also realized how stupid that thought was. Her body was a mangled orange mass hidden only by a body cast. She tried not to think about Scootaloo like that as a cone of air started to form in front of her. She closed her eyes tightly as she suddenly shot forward, an explosion of rainbow dust shooting out in a ring behind her.


On the ground below, Derpy stood staring into the magnificent rainbow ring that Dash had created. Her face, however, displayed no signs of joy; only a deep frown and the worried look of a friend.

Chapter Six: Anger

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One more day.

One more day.

One more day.

Rainbow Dash groaned in agony as she paced around her cloud house, wearing the fluffy floor out.

It was one more day until the exam began. She didn't know what to do. There was still time, wasn't there? She could fly over to Canterlot and talk with Spitfire, couldn't she?

But she'd be too busy setting up the exam...

Rainbow let out another frustrated groan and suddenly turned and bucked her cloud couch over, making it poof away.

Her nostrils flared as she panted hotly. She had to break something. She had to cause damage.


"Nurse, where's that syringe?!" Dr. Stable called out as nurse Red Heart came galloping back into the room. She carefully pushed the needle through an opening in the cast and sighed as Scootaloo began calming down. Dr. Stable had been alerted to her monitors flat-lining, and when he came in she was screaming and trying to get out of bed. Luckily, she was just a filly.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sat in the hallway facing the door. Apple Bloom gently ran a hoof against her friend's mane, comforting her as she cried softly.

"It'll be ahlrait, Sweetie Belle...Ah promise." Apple Bloom whispered before turning her gaze to Dr. Stable as he came out of the room. He eyed them uneasily. "I think it would be best if you two went home for today..."


Another loud crack echoed through the orchard as Rainbow Dash smashed her hooves against an apple tree, sending pieces of bark flying and apples falling into baskets.

Rainbow Dash knew her friend Applejack could help her relieve some stress, and this was an effective way. Sort of.

Even after all the apples had fallen Rainbow Dash kept kicking the same tree until Applejack noticed and guided her to another tree.

After all the apples had been harvested, Rainbow Dash was still furious; but with what? She grumpily said goodbye to Applejack and spread her wings, taking her hatred to the skies.

"Out of my way!" Dash shouted as she zoomed past a couple of pegasi resting on a cloud. Rainbow arched up suddenly and then closed her wings, slowly gaining height while aiming herself down. As she began to plummet, she stretched her hooves out and clenched her teeth in anger. This is it, she thought as she raced towards the ground, a cone of air forming in front of her.

I'm gonna do it and get it over with.


Derpy Hooves trotted along through the loose knit of trees happily, her saddle bags overflowing with muffins as she headed towards her usual spot. Then suddenly, out of nowhere came Rainbow Dash, speeding up and racing towards the ground. Derpy gasped and dropped her muffin as she realized what Dash was about to do.

And then it happened.

A wave of air blasted Derpy backwards and into a tree as Dash suddenly changed course, heading perpendicular along the ground, her belly just barely touching it.

Derpy let out a cry of pain as she smacked against the tree, causing Rainbow to turn in surprise and crash into a tree as well.

Derpy steadied herself and limped over to her friend.

"Why the hay did you do that?! Couldn't you see I was trying to do something?! Now look what you've done!" Rainbow shot out, rubbing her head.

"B-But I..." Derpy began, tears forming.

"I don't care what you where trying to do! I don't care what anypony was trying to do! Just leave me alone!" she screamed and took to the skies again, tearing through several clouds and leaving a tearful Derpy behind.

Chapter Seven: Bargaining

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She's probably becoming a Wonderbolt right now... Scootaloo thought. Dash hadn't visited her at all yesterday, and she didn't expect her to today. Isn't this what I wanted? she thought further, recalling how she tried to tell Dash to follow her dreams. Still, the broken little filly couldn't help but feel abandoned.

She had scared her friends away with her little outburst yesterday. She didn't mean to, she just didn't want to accept the fact that she'd be confined to a bed for possibly the rest of her life.

Dr. Stable and nurse Red Heart trotted into the room and took Scootaloo by surprise.

"How are you feeling today?" the doctor asked simply.

Scootaloo didn't even try to answer. She hated Dr. Stable, albeit she didn't know why.

"Your X-Rays came back, if you'd like to hear about them." he continued, taking the flimsy film squares from the nurse and approaching the bed.

Scootaloo slowly began turning her head towards him.

"Now, this one is from when you first came in. Notice how far apart the bones are." he said, holding the skeletal image up. "And this one was taken yesterday." he added, switching to a picture showing a cluster of white spots.

"Now, although it does appear that you body is reconstructing itself, that doesn't mean it will do so perfectly. There is a surgery that can be done to correct the potential problem, but it costs quite a bit of money and..." the doctor trailed off, realizing what he was about to say.

Scootaloo closed her eyes and thought.


"Hey Spitfire! I'm not too late, am I?" Rainbow called out as she landed a few feet in front of her role model.

"Not at all, Dash! C'mere, I wanna talk to you about something first." Spitfire replied

Rainbow Dash cautiously trotted towards her soon-to-be captain and waited for her to continue.

"Word gets around fast kid; faster than you. How's Scootaloo been doing? You have been visiting her, right?" Spitfire asked, a hint of accusation slipping out.

"I've been trying to, but then there's this whole cadet thing. I was planning on it after I've become your cadet to share the good news with her." Dashie explained. Spitfire just shook her head slowly.

"Dash, listen to me. You're one of the fastest fliers in all of Equestria; the only pegasus in a long time known to have pulled off a sonic rainboom, and you're also one of the Elements of Harmony! Don't get me wrong, everypony would love to see you on the team." Spitfire explained. "But you can't have a hoof in both worlds...Being a Wonderbolt is nothing like being a regular pegasus pony. Everything will change. I'm sorry to leave you with this ultimatum, but you can either become a cadet now, or miss out and stay with your friend. You can't do both.".

Rainbow Dash just stared at her role model, a look of betrayal played out across the blue mare's snout. She shook her head in disbelief and flew off, leaving the yellow coated pegasus to give a sad sigh.


"Hey Derpy!" a small country voice called out from below the gray pegasus. Derpy Hooves pricked her ears and looked around, her reverse-crossed eyes making it difficult to see things.

"Derpy, down here!" the voice called again.

"Oh hi, Apple Bloom!" Derpy replied, waving a hoof enthusiastically and loosing her grip on the tree. As she popped her head out of the bush she had fallen into, Apple Bloom let out a stifled giggle.

"Oh Derpy, you're funny and you don't even trah!" Apple Bloom said light heartedly, taking a few steps towards the dazed pegasus.

"You're friends with Rainbow Dash, raight?" the little filly asked.

Derpy nodded happily, then stopped, remembering the incident yesterday. "Well...It's kinda complicated..." she admitted.

"Ah know how ya feel. Scootaloo's bein' ahwfahlly hard tah get along with recently." Apple Bloom said. "Why do ya think that is?"

Derpy put her hoof to her chin and looked up.

"I read somewhere that this unicorn pony wrote something about the five stages of grief. So far, Rainbow Dash has followed it to the letter." she finally said.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold on ah minute; you READ?" Apple Bloom squeaked.

Derpy just glared.

"Ah...Ah meant no disrespect, it's just...How can ya with your ahs like that?" Apple Bloom wondered nervously.

Derpy continued to glare.


"Can you try again?" Scootaloo whispered.

"All we can do is send out another letter; I'm sorry." Nurse Red Heart explained.

"Can you get one of her friends to find her at least?" the little filly begged.

Nurse Red Heart shook her head sympathetically.

"We don't have the time nor staff to do that. She'll come when she comes." the white mare said as she trotted out of the room.

Scootaloo began to cry.

Chapter Eight: Depression

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"C'mon, Dash, I know you're in there!" Derpy Hooves called as she continued pounding on the door.

Dash hadn't been seen in two days after the Wonderbolt's Cadet exam, and Derpy was worried sick along with several other ponies.

"Either you let me in, or I'm forcing myself in!" she shouted frustratedly.

No answer.

Derpy turned to buck down the door, and at the last second Rainbow Dash slowly opened it.

But it was too late.

Derpy forced her hind hooves back and caught Dash square in the nose.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Rainbow Dash!" Derpy said frantically as she leaped into the house.

"It's fine..." the blue pegasus whispered, her eyes clouded and half shut.

But Derpy didn't hear that. She was a few rooms over, rummaging through cabinets looking for a first aid kit.

When she found it, she quickly grabbed it and started to trot out of the room.

And then she noticed the noose.


"I can't believe she'd try such a thing!" Nurse Red Heart exclaimed in disbelief from down the hall.

Earlier today, Scootaloo had tried to get out of bed and throw herself out of the third story window; convinced that Dash didn't want her as her adopted filly, friend, fan, or even to visit her.

Her body was damaged beyond all repair, she thought before gathering up the strength to get out of bed.

She made it half way across the room before Dr. Stable and a new nurse burst in.

And now, because of her actions, she was strapped down to her bed with visitor privileges suspended until further notice.

Not like it'd change anything. Scootaloo thought bitterly as she studied the room again.

Her boring, bland hospital room.

The room she'd spend the rest of her life in.


"I...I just didn't know what to do...They wont let me be a Wonderbolt, a little filly is hurt because of me, and I just don't know what to do anymore..." Rainbow Dash said solemnly.

Her gray coated friend just sat and listened, her crazy eyes seeming to understand deeper than even Dash understood.

"Rainbow Dash, did I ever tell you the story of how I got my cutie mark?" Derpy asked softly, scooting closer to her friend and wrapping a hoof around her neck in an effort to comfort her.

Dash shook her head and looked down.

"I still don't understand why I have bubbles, but it all started back before Sugar Cube Corner opened up..."


"Mommy, mommy!" a gray little pegasus filly exclaimed as she bounced around a taller version of herself that had just arrived.

"Yes, dear?" the mother said with a giggle, bending down to give her spawn a kiss on the forehead.

"Did you hear that Daddy's the captain of the Weather Patrol now? And he planned a big thunderstorm just for me!" the little filly squeaked in excitement.

The mother smiled knowingly and nuzzled her filly.

"Well then, let's make his favorite soup! Do you think you're brave enough to head down to the market and pick up the vegetables for me?" she asked.

"I'm the bravest pony in all of Equestria! I've fought dragons, you know!" the yellow eyed filly exclaimed,

The mother let out a playful laugh and began tickling her little filly.

"Brave enough to fight off the tickle monster too?" she teased as hey filly squealed happily.

"Mommy, stop it! I gots'ta get the vegetables!" the small pony giggled.

"Well alright. Hurry back so you don't miss the storm, dear!" the mother said with a laugh as she put thirteen bits in her daughter's saddle bag.

Before she could blink, her little filly was bounding down the road towards the market.


"Pleasure doin' business with ya again, Ms. Hooves." the vegetable salespony said cheerfully as he tipped his hat.

"You too, Mr. Jack!" the little filly called as she tromped forward, her saddlebag heavy and dragging along the ground.

In the distance, she noticed a sea of black clouds rolling towards Ponyville.

The little filly hadn't gotten far by the time the thunderstorm had reached Ponyville.

"Noooo! The vegetables!" the little filly cried out as the rain began to pour.

Abandoning her heavy and soaked saddlebags, she took cover inside a large box just barely sticking out of an alleyway.

"Sigh...Now everything's ruined..." she whispered to herself.

And then something small moved from behind her.

"I love the rain...It's so peaceful..." the new little filly said.

Surprised, Derpy leaped to the side and squeaked.

Her coat was dull yellow with smudges of black all around. Her wings were bruised, and couldn't have been older than Derpy herself. Derpy could tell that at one point her red mane had been absolutely beautiful, but now it was tangled and torn in places, dirt covering it like her coat.

"W-Who are you...?" Derpy asked nervously.

The little filly just stared out into the rain, a soft smile played out across her face.

"You should get home before your parents worry. Do you need help with the vegetables?" she asked.

Derpy nodded slowly.


"Hey, somepony get those kids out of here!" an earth pony yelled as he continued to hold back the crowd that had gathered around her house.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Derpy cried out in anguish, managing to slip past the thickly knitted crowd of ponies and the earth pony police line.

As she neared her burnt down house, a pegasus firepony swooped down and blocked her path; his eyes teary at the site of the heart broken filly. He quickly scooped her up and put her back behind the line before returning to his raincloud.

Apparently, her father had accidentally ordered a level 8 storm instead of a level 6. While she was at the market, a series of thunderbolts struck the house and it quickly set ablaze. The fire was so intense that not even the heavy rain could put it out.

Derpy cried and looked around for a unicorn ponymedic, but didn't see any.

The only thing she saw anymore was her new friend; the filly she had found in the box.

The filly that also loved the rain.

The filly that had helped her carry the heavy saddlebag.

The filly that was crying with Derpy now.


"Derpy, I...I had no idea..." Rainbow Dash finally said.

"Most ponies don't. I don't want sympathy; I've spent too long in my life having other ponies take care of me. What I'm trying to get across here is that no matter how bad your life seems, you still have to push on because it can only get better." the soft eyed mailmare said as she nuzzled her friend again.

"I...Thank you...There's somepony I have to see. Do you want to come with me?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Derpy smiled and nodded.


"Scootaloo? Are you awake?" Sweetie Belle asked, Apple Bloom at her side.

Scootaloo didn't try to answer.

She wanted to be left alone in her misery.

She wanted to die.

"Scoots...We heard about what happened earlier..." Apple Bloom said sadly.

More wood on the fire. she thought to herself.

"Scoots, we want ya tah know that no matter what happens, we're you're friends and we'll ahlwahys be. 'Through thick ahnd thin, uhntil the very ehnd'." Apple Bloom continued, chanting the Cutie Mark Crusader's motto.

Scootaloo shivered and let a tear roll down her snout.

"I love you guys..." She whispered.

Chapter Nine: Acceptance

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"You can do it, Rainbow Dash; I believe in you." Derpy Hooves said as they both stood outside the door to Scootaloo's room.

Dash tried to control her excitement, but it wasn't easy.

"C'mon, I can't wait to see the little squirt!" she said cheerfully.

"Not to mention you've been healing incredibly fast and very well-" Dr.Stable was explaining as Derpy and Dash trotted into the room.

"Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo gasped in amazement, shock, and joy.

"Hey kid; how've ya been?" she said and took her place across from Dr. Stable.

"Hello, Ms. Dash. I was just telling Ms. Scootaloo how amazed I was at her healing rate. She should be out of the hospital in another week; that is, as long as she doesn't pull anymore stunts." he finished, trotting out of the room.

"I can't believe you came!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"I'd never leave my biggest fan hangin'!" Dash giggled.

"I...I wish I could get up and hug you..." Scootaloo admitted sadly.

Then suddenly, Rainbow Dash leaned forward and carefully wrapped her hooves around the little filly.

"You're so awesome, Rainbow Dash..." Scootaloo whispered.

Not as awesome as you are, kid. she thought happily, a tear forming in her eye.



"C'mon kid, race ya' there!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she sped ahead of Scootaloo and into Cloudsdale.

Scootaloo kicked herself off the ground and flapped her wings, first making a soft buzzing noise which then turned into slow flapping as she took off into the skies.

"Rainbow Dash, look! I'm doing it!" she shouted to her role model, who had stopped to wait for her.

"Good job, Scoots! I always knew you could do it!" Rainbow Dash encouraged, guiding Scootaloo up to the cloud city.

"I still can't believe you're doing this! This is so awesome!" Scootaloo shouted as they landed on the fluffy streets of the sky city.

Rainbow Dash giggled and led the way to City Hall.


"Sign here and here, please." the purple pegasus receptionist said, handing them two new forms.

Rainbow Dash sighed as she signed her name for the sixteenth time, then handed the pen to Scootaloo, who signed her name enthusiastically.

"Thank you very much; it's now official." the purple pony said as she started making copies of the forms.


As Dash trotted out of the cloud capital, documents in mouth, Scootaloo suddenly stopped bouncing around her and noticed Derpy Hooves and Spitfire sitting outside of a coffee shop.

Dash took notice as well and galloped over.

"Oh, hey Rainbow! Hey Scoots! Glad to see you could make it up here, especially after how soon you got out of the hospital." Spitfire said calmly, taking a sip of her drink.

Scootaloo began blabbering in an excited tone about Celestia knows what, so Dash sat at the table with her two friends.

"I didn't know you two knew each other; how'd you meet?" Rainbow Dash asked, a hint of playfulness on her tongue.

Spitfire and Derpy shared a knowing look and didn't answer.

"So.....Anyways, I guess I'll catch you two later!" Rainbow said, starting to leave.

"Dash, wait up!" Spitfire called before the blue mare could fly away. "You forgot something..."

Dash couldn't believe her eyes.

On the table in front of Spitfire sat a neatly folded blue and yellow body suit.

The suit that Dash had dreamed about wearing since she was a little filly.

The suit that was now HERS.


"So...Sleepy..." Scootaloo said as she stumbled into Rainbow Dash's cloud home.

"Heh, the bed's in the back; I'll sleep out on the couch for tonight." Dash said, dropping a stack of papers on the fluffy table before heading into the back.

"By printing your name, you hereby claim all parental responsibility over Ms. Scootaloo.
By printing your name, you acknowledge that Ms. Dash has claimed parental rights over your being.

Adoptive Parent's Signature: Rainbow Dash
Adopted Child's Signature: Scootaloo"