• Published 9th Jun 2012
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The Element of Loyalty - Darkswirl

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo struggle to figure out how to continue with their lives.

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Chapter Six: Anger

One more day.

One more day.

One more day.

Rainbow Dash groaned in agony as she paced around her cloud house, wearing the fluffy floor out.

It was one more day until the exam began. She didn't know what to do. There was still time, wasn't there? She could fly over to Canterlot and talk with Spitfire, couldn't she?

But she'd be too busy setting up the exam...

Rainbow let out another frustrated groan and suddenly turned and bucked her cloud couch over, making it poof away.

Her nostrils flared as she panted hotly. She had to break something. She had to cause damage.


"Nurse, where's that syringe?!" Dr. Stable called out as nurse Red Heart came galloping back into the room. She carefully pushed the needle through an opening in the cast and sighed as Scootaloo began calming down. Dr. Stable had been alerted to her monitors flat-lining, and when he came in she was screaming and trying to get out of bed. Luckily, she was just a filly.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sat in the hallway facing the door. Apple Bloom gently ran a hoof against her friend's mane, comforting her as she cried softly.

"It'll be ahlrait, Sweetie Belle...Ah promise." Apple Bloom whispered before turning her gaze to Dr. Stable as he came out of the room. He eyed them uneasily. "I think it would be best if you two went home for today..."


Another loud crack echoed through the orchard as Rainbow Dash smashed her hooves against an apple tree, sending pieces of bark flying and apples falling into baskets.

Rainbow Dash knew her friend Applejack could help her relieve some stress, and this was an effective way. Sort of.

Even after all the apples had fallen Rainbow Dash kept kicking the same tree until Applejack noticed and guided her to another tree.

After all the apples had been harvested, Rainbow Dash was still furious; but with what? She grumpily said goodbye to Applejack and spread her wings, taking her hatred to the skies.

"Out of my way!" Dash shouted as she zoomed past a couple of pegasi resting on a cloud. Rainbow arched up suddenly and then closed her wings, slowly gaining height while aiming herself down. As she began to plummet, she stretched her hooves out and clenched her teeth in anger. This is it, she thought as she raced towards the ground, a cone of air forming in front of her.

I'm gonna do it and get it over with.


Derpy Hooves trotted along through the loose knit of trees happily, her saddle bags overflowing with muffins as she headed towards her usual spot. Then suddenly, out of nowhere came Rainbow Dash, speeding up and racing towards the ground. Derpy gasped and dropped her muffin as she realized what Dash was about to do.

And then it happened.

A wave of air blasted Derpy backwards and into a tree as Dash suddenly changed course, heading perpendicular along the ground, her belly just barely touching it.

Derpy let out a cry of pain as she smacked against the tree, causing Rainbow to turn in surprise and crash into a tree as well.

Derpy steadied herself and limped over to her friend.

"Why the hay did you do that?! Couldn't you see I was trying to do something?! Now look what you've done!" Rainbow shot out, rubbing her head.

"B-But I..." Derpy began, tears forming.

"I don't care what you where trying to do! I don't care what anypony was trying to do! Just leave me alone!" she screamed and took to the skies again, tearing through several clouds and leaving a tearful Derpy behind.

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