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Tiinvaaktaas Dovazul

A group dedicated to the use of the Dragon Language from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in pony stories, and for discussion and education of this constructed language. We advocate the employ of the Dovahzul lexicon located at thuum.org.

Tinvaak stingaar, fahdonne, ahrk wasek ko suleyk do Dovahzul!


ↂ Treat everyone with respect.
ↂ NO bullying will be tolerated.
ↂ No excessive use of strong language. F-word and sexual innuendos are prohibited.
ↂ Feel free to use Dovahzul instead of English!
ↂ Strong language rule is slightly eased if you use Dovahzul.

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Drem yol lok Dii Zeymah Ahrk Briinah

Zeymah ahrk Briinah! Kos loraan ko un dopaan unified naal key dey!

I'm serious about it.

Allow me to combine two amazing things into one. Try and translate it and then tell me what the saying is from:
Nau sos do un bormah, nau sos do un kul. Un dovahdaan fent kun faal Ven, ful pah aal partake ko faal Lot Wundaak.
Also, this is a brilliant group! I LOVE Skyrim! I own the complete guide, which includes info on the Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLCs! I wish I was a Dovahkiin, being able to use the Thu'um would be amazing.

Krah tey, zeymah. :trollestia:

My words, yinok and siigren made it into the Jarl's Bounty! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

Comment posted by MetaKnight145 deleted Feb 5th, 2014

347219 Well I hope you enjoy the group then!

I've never played this, but I like made up languages. :pinkiehappy:

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