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This group was exactly as the name implies. We were RPing here... If you were interested, just join in. All are welcome.

Due to Knighty's recent Roleplaying Ban all actual roleplaying must be done at http://jrping.freeforums.net/ from now on.

Ideas can be made here, but any actual roleplaying must be done on the forum. It's 100% free to sign up and post.

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Are there any members online and about?

Looking to go who bout it

I'm looking for ANYONE to rp with. Just send me a message at my FanFiction account: SanicTehDemon666. Please, help a guy out? :fluttercry:

Hey I am looking to RP anybody. I will RP anything let it be E to M. I don't care whatever it may be. Just send me a message here or add me on Skype. jerrymulka mulka.

Yo my negros wanna eat some cheese salad cake noodles?


Comment posted by elue1234 deleted Mar 9th, 2014

You too!

347696 Glad you're enjoying it as well. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/excite.gif

Well, I'm sorry, but I best be off. Got 8 AM class to attend.
It was fun talking to you. Have a great night! ♪(●′▽`)ノ

347694 No probs. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/excellent.gif
Oh, and you can also change the background of your Fimfiction pages. The white of knighty's Fimfic strains my eyes, so I've been using a dark purple "Sky" background.

You can change it by clicking "Notifications", then going to the left and clicking on "Advanced".

347687 It might just be important. (^v^)

Oh, no I did not.
Let me do that first. :rainbowlaugh:

347685 Did you download Tampermonkey?

Haha, I hear you on that!

Google Chrome can't open the emoticon file...thingy. How do I open it?

347683 Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone just sometimes needs to hear those kinds of words, even if they already have.

Although that doesn't mean I can't continue complaining… dl.dropbox.com/u/21167245/FiMFiction/Emoticons/misc_Octy_something.png

Just power through it!
You'll make it! Sad Pinkie Pie believes in you! That's why she let you use her as your avatar!


347681 The end result will be nice, but the means to that have been grueling these past semesters.

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