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How could you not love Lilith911, that delightfully demented human being!

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This is still a thing, oh god.

i cri evri tiem

I step down as specially stalked. Lilith, if you read this: remove Insolitus.

Lilith911 I joined your group it is wonderful:pinkiecrazy: your ways are amazing

wow there really is a group for everything :rainbowderp:

:facehoof: why did that have to be the first comment I read.....:pinkiecrazy:

I eat penises for breakfast.

Comment posted by Butterkeet deleted Sep 4th, 2013

325253 and avoid shadows

324966 I think so... just stay away from the dark alleys and supermarkets They only sell pears... disgusting. Oh! Don't blink, seriously, blink and they get you!

I got lost again... is this place rape-free?

Hmm, that would take a lot... But I'll try :pinkiecrazy:

and now there's no longer 69 members, muahaha :pinkiecrazy:

Hey If you keep this up. You might get more people than Regidar. :pinkiecrazy:

here is good to

I will leave this here too lighten the mood.

have fun in your new existence.

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