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This story is a sequel to As the Apple Blooms

The past seven months have been quite the experience for Apple Bloom. Learning about and bonding with her uncle Ironhide, tap dancing with her boyfriend Tender Taps, helping her new sister Sideswipe, befriending Marble Pie and Rattrap, and in general, exploring her new home of Allspark Wells.

But that was only the beginning.

Now, as a new school year starts, Apple Bloom, Sideswipe, and the whole gang continue their lives as they make new friends as well as enemies, all while Ironhide, Chromia, and the others continue to provide wisdom and advice.

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Personally the school needs to get over it. They weren't affected and the fact is the adults need to give her a chance now to get on the right path. Besides even though she set it in motion nobody had to go with it. Telling secrets or ditching people who they claimed were their friends. The people affected by this are the only ones who have a right to be upset about this. Besides how she ever gonna show that she is trying to be better if they never really give her a chance.

Don’t worry. By the next chapter everyone will have gotten over it. And for anyone who doesn’t……. It will generally just be a clue to them being an antagonist.

I hope so. Even though she was incredibly mean and stupid this is over the top. Plus what happened with applejack she needs a few good turns coming her way.

Good to see you back! I can't wait to see what else is in store!

By any chance, will there be humanized Deceptacons and will applejack join them?

So I do have concrete plans for a certain quintet of decepticons I included in the last story, and may bring a few others in as well. Of course, I’m also balancing transformers characters (autobot/decepticon/other/etc.), mlp, and just general generic OCs in equal number.
Also, due to the events of the previous story, don’t expect Apple Bloom and Applejack to be reuniting anytime soon…..

Will we at some point see more humanoid transformers? Like maybe Smokescreen, Jazz, Slipstream, Constructicons, Aerial bots?

My previous story featured several transformers cameos, including cosmos, jazz, the combaticons, and shockwave, and I do intend on bringing them back, as well as a few other familiar names.

Are we also at least gonna see AJ again maybe see her try to fight Megatron in her head? And hopefully maybe try and reconnect with the friends she lost? I can see much happening for the stubborn farm girl.

All good things to those who wait. :-)

Lot of 'short whiles' in this chapter :P :rainbowlaugh:

In hindsight, I probably used the term a bit too much. Guess I should wait “a short while” in between each use of the term. 😏

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