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Welcome to the Cardfighting Bronies group, a place for all Cardfight!! Vanguard x My Little Pony needs. We welcome all cardfighter who are a fan of My Little Pony. So come on in and enjoy all the CFV x MLP crossover fanfiction you can take.

A few simple ground rules though.

1.Watch the language, please, let's be mature.

2.No disrespect, okay.

3.Keep things My Little Pony and Cardfight!! Vanguard related.

4.No trolling, I think were all old enough not to.

5.Have fun.

Now this will also be a place for trading Vanguard cards and having cardfights. Just simple make a forum stating which your doing(A cardfight or doing some trading) and eventually wait for someone. But keep things legit, I don't want to have problems with this part.

So with everything else said, welcome to the group, and let's have some fun.

Also thank you for the banner picture Bowlgallery on Deviantart, it's awesome.

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