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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Sci-Twily. A group where you can freely talk, write fics about, and discuss cute little Sci-Twily. If you're not yet taken with this group, then perhaps this picture below will help you out:

Look at her. Isn't she just the cutest?


1: All stories must relate to Sci-Twily in any way, shape, or form. To clarify, this means a young human Twilight, not young pony Twilight.

2: Stories must be put in the appropriate folders. Any stories that don't fill the criteria of the folders will be removed.

3: No attacking other users.

4: No swearing is allowed on this group, be it a slip of the tongue or completely on purpose. You wouldn't want Sci-Twily to hear those words before she grows up, right?

5: You can feel free to share anything you find related to Sci-Twily, be it a video of her, a story that you or someone else wrote, or even some artwork that someone created.

6: Admins do have the authority to ban other people if necessary. If you have suffered a ban, then please make sure that you contact one of our admins so that we can work out how long you'll be banned for, and whether or not you'll be freed from it.

7: Have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are looking for someone to make up a banner for this particular group, as well as a few admins to handle stories as well as rule-enforcement. If you are willing to help us out with this cause, please PM the creator of this group as soon as possible.

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More Twilight based cuteness? Count me in. :yay:

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